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Famous Akka Nasi Lemak Cries Over Online Insults, Says Life Isn’t What Many Think It Is

Famous Akka Nasi Lemak Cries Over Online Insults, Says Life Isn’t What Many Think It Is

Despite her booming business, she said that it has come at the cost of her health as she has lost weight since her business went viral on social media.

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Life as a famous person is not always as easy as what they say.

In a recent viral TikTok video, famous nasi lemak seller nicknamed Nasi Lemak Akka lamented on the things that she goes through behind closed doors since going viral.

Breaking down in the video she mentioned that despite her booming business, her life isn’t as luxurious as many would assume it to be.

I am not living a luxurious life as many would think. So many people have asked me why I look so skinny and if I ever eat at all and if only they knew that I feel nauseous as the smell of the raw chicken and seafood sticks to everything.

Nasi Lemak Akka

She admitted that she has been having issues eating and also deals with extreme tiredness as a result of her stall going viral.

She also noted that her living conditions are not as what most people have perceived her to have, instead she lives in a small area where all four of her children sleep in the same room with very little furniture, despite receiving a very good crowd for her business.

In the video she also added that she hopes that people will stop insulting her online and learn to look beyond what they see.

As strong as she is, as a mother and entrepreneur, it is never easy to juggle all things in one go.

We do hope that Akka gets the peace that she needs.

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