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Netizens Angry At Cargo Company For Releasing Cat Found In Car In Port Klang

Netizens Angry At Cargo Company For Releasing Cat Found In Car In Port Klang

The company later clarified that the cat had indeed been returned to the owner instead.

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Letting indoor cats outside can pose various dangers to your beloved furry family member, something that many people don’t realize until it’s too late.

Recently, a viral TikTok video showed a cargo worker taking out a cat found in the bonnet of a car that was meant to be shipped to Sabah.

The caption read:

Ownernya siap bekalkan makanan dalam bonet kereta sekali tau.

@susteam23 via TikTok

When the video was shared earlier, there were comments asking what happened to the cat, to which the cargo company replied that they let the cat go free.

Netizens did not react well to this, demanding to know why the company did not just contact the owner of the car to return the cat.

Taking this issue to Twitter, user @hasutbeli said:

Weh memang la owner tu salah tapi tu indoor cat macam mana dia nak survive. hope someone boleh cari kucing tu. Staff lepaskan kucing tu dekat port klang sebab diorang jumpa kucing dalam bonet kereta untuk diposkan ke sabah/srwk.

@hasutbeli via Twitter

She later added that indoor cats will find it difficult to survive on their own outside of the comforts of their home as finding food will pose a challenge.

She also agreed with the comments saying that the staff handling the cat situation should have contacted the owner instead of releasing the cat into the wild.

Setuju dengan semua komen. If inform dekat owner dia boleh call family members ambik kucing tu. Mesti tengah ketakutan kucing tu.I really hope yang ada someone jaga kucing tu dulu dekat port bukan sekadar lepaskan macam tu sahaja.

@hasutbeli via Twitter

After brickbats, the cargo company released a statement on TikTok to explain the matter.

They claimed there was a slight miscommunication among their staff that led to them believing that the cat had been released around Port Klang.

In the statement, they clarified that the cat had indeed been returned to its owner instead of being freed to fend for itself on the streets.

They also clarified that the video was shot in November last year but was only posted recently.

With this, we would like to apologize for having posted a video that may have invited misunderstanding and for not providing clear information to all of you. We will make sure this will not happen again in the future. We will also be more careful from now on with what we post on our account while taking this incident as a lesson. We hope this explanation is clear for you all.

@susteam23 via TikTok

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