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Grindr Dating App Helped Malaysian Man Get HIV Treatment

Grindr Dating App Helped Malaysian Man Get HIV Treatment

He noted that he was surprised by the results especially when he felt healthy on the outside.

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One place you’d never expect to find a HIV outreach programme would be on a dating app, but for this one Twitter user, that one random swipe may have just saved his life.

Recently Twitter user @guidedlight2023 tweeted that he had found out that he was HIV positive through an outreach programme that he stumbled upon while browsing through the Grindr dating app.

He tweeted:

I was online dekat Grindr, browsing nothing. But, my eyes hooked to this one account “Free HIV Testing”. She is a TS. So, without hesitation I approached her to buy the test kit, ingat kena bayar la. Tapi dia cakap free je test tu.

@guidedlight2023 via Twitter

He then explained that physically he felt fit as a fiddle at that particular time.

Bear in mind, my health condition secara fizikal ms tu xde apa pun scra luaran. I am 163cm, 59kg guy. Tu pun i dh buat Intermittent Fasting sbb berat i sblm ni 65kg. This HIV testing ni mcm Allah yg ‘gerakkan’. If not, nauzubillah until today I xkan tahu pun i ad HIV.

@guidedlight2023 via Twitter

@guidedlight2023 then noted that after he had met and filled up the consent form, a blood test was done and he was educated a little bit on what HIV was while they waited for the results to come in.

I HAD ZERO EXPECTATION THAT MY LIFE WOULD BE UPSIDE DOWN AT THAT MOMENT. I came with no expectations. After 15-20 mins, she alihkan kertas and BAMMM, I saw it and numb and was speechless bila nampak clear double line. 

@guidedlight2023 via Twitter

He added that his first response to seeing the positive test was to vomit, which he did and at that time all he could feel was numb.

Masa tu, memang rasa dunia ni dah tunggang langgang. I have a good, stable career with a MNC. So, terfikir how is this being declared. I terfikir each and every faces of my family members. I fikir MATI. I terus rasa macam purposeless.

@guidedlight2023 via Twitter

Still in denial, he said he later went to a general health clinic to get tested for the second time.

Unfortunately, the results remained positive.

I went to KK with the outreach worker and she helped me went through the process smoothly. I tak tahu if dia takde, rasa memang lagi haywire. That moment I met with MA yang ambik darah, MO yang ambik case I, i broke down. Kat situ baru i menangis yang tak keluar suara.

@guidedlight2023 via Twitter

However, thankfully, the medical officers at the clinic as well as the other staff were kind enough to help guide him through the next steps he would need to take.

@guidedlight2023 said:

I was given Vitamin Training of B Complex from 19/04/23 and TCA with pakar on 17/05/23. But, I started reading on HIV, getting support system and ada outreach worker yang DM i for whatsapp group support system – ALHAMDULILLAH, it helps me A LOT.

@guidedlight2023 via Twitter

He added that he was thankful to God for redirecting him to meet the outreach worker.

If not sampai skrg I x tahu I ada HIV. And to all outreach workers — you deserve jannah! Hanya Allah yg mampu balas jasa baik korang dkm kerja amal ni. I pray that Allah ease your life here & in the hereafter.

@guidedlight2023 via Twitter

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