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Orang Asli Man Mauled To Death By Tiger, Family Wants The Animal Caught

Orang Asli Man Mauled To Death By Tiger, Family Wants The Animal Caught

The victim’s body was found a few days later at Kuala Sungai Tunggul, about 2km from the crime scene.

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An Orang Asli man, Halim Asin, 27, who went missing on Tuesday, has been found dead on Thursday around 5.10pm.

It’s believed he was mauled to death by a tiger based on the injury marks on the right of the victim’s neck and skull. Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) officers also found tiger tracks around the crime scene.

According to Utusan, Halim was fishing with his 8-year-old nephew, Alang Kuang, when he was attacked by the tiger.

Alang, the sole witness, escaped by jumping into the river and swam towards the family’s campsite. He told his grandfather, Asin Parang, what happened. By the time the family rushed to the scene, Halim was nowhere to be found.

The Search and Rescue (SAR) team found the body curled up and stuck on a tree stump in Kuala Sungai Tunggul, which is about 2km from the scene while searching near the water.

Gua Musang police chief Superintendent Sik Choon Foo said the body could have been washed from the crime scene to the current location where it was spotted by the SAR team.

Since it was dangerous for the rescue team to bring the body out in the dark, they only brought the body out to Sungai Aring 5 around 12.30pm the next day.

The body was then sent to Gua Musang Forensic Hospital for post-mortem before being buried following Batek customs.

Buried Following Batek Customs

Harian Metro reported that it was the first time someone in Kampung Aring 5’s Batek community died from a wild animal attack.

Based on Batek customs, the corpse of a person who died falling from a tree or from an animal attack wouldn’t be brought home. The body would be left at the scene and a dukun would carry out a few rituals to prevent disturbance from wild animals.

The body also couldn’t be touched by others in case they die the same way as the victim. In this case, after consulting with the village elders, the body was covered with a rug and handled with gloves during the burial process.

The victim’s family hopes that Perhilitan can track and capture the tiger, The Star reported. Halim’s father, Asin Parang, 68, said the family is finding it tough to get over the tragedy. Halim was the fourth child among the six siblings in the family.

If I follow my angry heart, I want the tiger to die too because it killed my son. There are many animals in the forest, but humans are getting attacked (by tigers). I hope the tiger goes far away.

Victim’s father, Asin Parang

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