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Tawau Umno Man Lodges Police Report Against Wife For Sexual Assault Allegations

Tawau Umno Man Lodges Police Report Against Wife For Sexual Assault Allegations

Ghazali Ansing’s wife claimed he had beaten her, raped her best friend in their daughter’s room and received protection from corrupt police officers.

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Tawau Umno Division Chief Ghazali Ansing has publicly denied the horrendous accusations thrown by his wife and her friend.

Previously, a blog had circulated videos of Ghazali’s wife, Joanna and her friend throwing accusations that he had physically and mentally abused her and that he allegedly raped her best friend, Mariana.

As reported by NST, Ghazali said that those are baseless allegations and he lodged a report to clear his good name as a politician. He added that people are using these allegations as a political weapon to undermine his dignity and reputation.

“I strongly deny the allegations made by my wife and her friend. I also urge those outside not to politicise this matter,” he said in a media conference held yesterday in Kota Kinabalu.

Ghazali also said that his wife had left their home as well as their three children, and is believed to be with her two friends in Jakarta. This is the second time she ran away, the first was in December 2021.

The fact is she ran away with two of her female friends to Indonesia three months ago. She left our children (aged eight to 13) in the middle night of Feb 21 when I was in Kuala Lumpur.

Ghazali Ansing, Tawau Umno Leader

He also said that he doesn’t understand why she was willing to leave their three children without any care.

“I am also puzzled as to how they can survive outside the country until now. According to the information I received, they are now in Jakarta, Indonesia, for almost three months. Where did they get the money?” he stated.

When asked about the allegation of him being protected by the authorities, he denied it.

The allegation that I control the authorities is not true. I am a nobody, and I am not even a family member of a police officer.

Ghazali Ansing, Tawau Umno Leader

His wife also claimed that he paid the police to file a false report claiming she had run away with his money.

“I challenge them to file a report on the accusations made. Why only make a video and not take legal action? She also accused me of paying the police. What kind of accusation is this?

“I am an ordinary citizen who, when faced with such problems, seek police assistance through the proper channels,” he said.

He then asked the public to not politicise his marriage problems and hope that the issues he is facing will be resolved by the authorities.

“I request all parties out there not to politicise this situation since this is a domestic problem and I see many parties trying to take advantage of it.

“This is our problem, so let it be resolved nicely without having to politicise it. I am also a politician, and I have never played with anyone’s personal issues,” he added.

What did she accuse him of?

According to the blog, Joanna sent a message to the blog entailing some of the things Ghazali allegedly did. She said that these were in response to a police report made by him about her saying she was missing and had escaped with his money worth RM130,000. She wanted to clarify that the report was not true.

The blog claimed that Ghazali was an avid gambler, a club owner, an abuser, a rapist and is protected by the authorities.

There were also six videos in total of Joanna’s confession, along with her friend, Mariana who claimed that she was raped. Two videos were confessions from Mariana saying how the rape incident allegedly happened, which was in his daughter’s bedroom.

The other four videos explained why Joanna ran away without even taking the money he claimed she did, how Ghazali allegedly physically assaulted her after their fight, how she apparently had to deal with his gambling addiction, how he reportedly threaten his in-laws’ by destroying their property and also how he supposedly falsified police reports.

She claimed that she didn’t lodge a police report because she was scared that they were protecting her husband. Hence, she only managed to give a statement in the form of several videos shared on the blog since Monday (8 May).

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