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Penang Schoolboy Suffers Broken Bones After Alleged Bullying Incident

Penang Schoolboy Suffers Broken Bones After Alleged Bullying Incident

The boy’s mother claimed school bullies hurt her son while playing football during a physical education class.

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A mother recently aired her grievances on Facebook after her son’s school in Penang refused to take action against the alleged bullies.

During a Physical Education class, a football struck her son on the neck and it caused serious damage to his cervical vertebrae and neck muscles. The injuries also affected his shoulders and legs (tibia).

The doctor said her son would need long-term physical therapy to recover.

She informed the teachers and parents in the class group about her son’s injuries but allegedly did not receive a response from the school administration.

They only responded after she publicly demanded an explanation in the group chat. The school principal eventually promised to conduct an investigation into the matter.

Later, the class teacher asked which hospital her son was warded in and for the room number because the principal planned to visit.

The family delayed the boy’s physiotherapy appointment to wait for the principal, but the principal did not turn up.

Not being able to wait any longer, the family proceeded with the boy’s treatment.

The school claimed it was an accident

In the afternoon, the principal called the mother and said three students who witnessed the incident had been questioned.

Two students claimed it was an accident, while the third boy claimed not to know.

The victim’s mother was dissatisfied with the answer because two of the boys were friends of the bullies, and one was part of a trio of bullies.

The principal allegedly told her that the bullies would have hit the boy’s head, eye or nose if it had been intentional.

Still dissatisfied, she asked why the school questioned three students instead of the whole class.

She also felt disappointed because her son is seriously injured, and no one came forward to apologise.

The principal also told her that one of the bully’s father holds a senior position in the Parent-Teacher Association (PIBG).

The father threatened to lodge a police report after he found out his son was questioned by the school.

The school claimed they could not take action against the bullies because the incident was deemed an accident.

Feeling helpless, she asked netizens what she could do.

According to Kwong Wah, deputy education minister Lim Hui Ying said the state education department has been asked to investigate the issue.

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