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Proving That Affordable Comfort Foods Exist, Two Nasi Lemak Sellers Go Viral

Proving That Affordable Comfort Foods Exist, Two Nasi Lemak Sellers Go Viral

The two sellers said that the main reason they sell this national dish at such a price is to allow the poor to enjoy the dish as much as others do.

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With inflation upon us, almost everything is going through a price hike.

And not even our all time favourite nasi lemak is spared.

However, some sellers have found a way to keep the prices down for Malaysia’s favourite breakfast, allowing Malaysians to have the best of both worlds — cheap nasi lemak that is just as tasty.

As reported by the Daily Express Sabah, a local named Boy Donny had recently gone viral on social media for selling his nasi lemak at RM1.

The entrepreneur who sells these cheap packets of joy at a gas station in Donggongon told the news portal that while life has been particularly hard during the Covid-19 pandemic, he still wanted to sell food that the poor could afford and enjoy.

Many from among the B40 group have yet to rise from its hardship pitfalls. The portion might be smaller, which is about the size of our palm, and suddenly came to my mind why not sell nasi lemak at an affordable price of RM1 but at least it can ease our hunger. 

Boy Donny

Boy also told the daily that the reason he manages to keep his nasi lemak at such a cheap price is also because the dish does not include any side dishes that may potentially increase the price.

If I sell it with side dishes, the price will certainly be more expensive.

Boy Donny

Nevertheless, his customers have told him that this simple little dish of his is certainly tasty and has drawn a crowd since going viral on social media.

Looking at the positive response, Boy now plans to look for another place in Donggongon to sell his nasi lemak where there will be more customers.

In another state, another nasi lemak seller has chosen to do the same thing.

As reported by the New Straits Times in March, Norijan Murat, a mother of three from Taman Cegar, Simpang Ampat, has been selling the ultimate Malaysian food when she started her small business outside the Maybank branch in Simpang Ampat.

Her two sons help her to sell the nasi lemak outside another bank nearby as well.

Speaking to NST, she said:

We are not a well to do family and we truly understand the hardship faced by people like us. My husband only works in a factory for four days a week after an accident, earning him RM1,800 a month. With three children (another 6-year-old daughter) and things getting increasingly expensive, I decided to help him out by selling nasi lemak. I am happy to be able to do a bit of charity while running my small business. I believe in sharing my rezeki with others.

Norijan Murat

Its small-time heroes like Boy and Norijan who make the lives of the less fortunate a little less hard with the comfort that there are warm and affordable home cooked meals readily available for them to enjoy.

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