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Man’s Outburst After Teen Warns Him Not To Smoke At Mamak Restaurant Goes Viral

Man’s Outburst After Teen Warns Him Not To Smoke At Mamak Restaurant Goes Viral

The man in a green shirt pompously told the teen that even the workers there didn’t dare to warn him about smoking so why should him?

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It’s bad enough that you had to encounter a smoker ignorantly letting the public inhale his secondhand smoke, but it’s absolutely the worst when you get challenged by him after telling him off for doing that. Especially when they play the seniority card, even though they’re clearly in the wrong.

Recently, a video of a middle-aged man berating a group of teen boys at a mamak restaurant went viral on social media. In the video uploaded by @bckupacc99 on Twitter, a grey-pony-tailed man in a green shirt was seen scolding and pointing fingers at a teen boy in a white jersey who is seen challenging him.

(Credit: @bckupacc99 / Twitter)

Based on the story, a group of boys saw this man smoking at a table behind them where there was a “no smoking” sign clearly plastered on each table. When they told him off about it, he became enraged and told them that even the workers there didn’t dare to warn him.

“What officer are you? Even the mamak here didn’t have the nerve to say anything to me,” said the man. He even added sarcastically that he didn’t even smoke in front of the boy’s face.

The boy replied that they had warned him politely at first, so why was he being rude and making a scene.

That’s when the man lost his temper and started pointing at the boy, while another boy attempted to restrain him from causing any physical drama.

Then the video cut to another clip explaining what happened before the debacle.

Netizens fully stand behind the brave group of boys

No doubt that the old man felt challenged when a teen scolded him for doing the wrong thing, but a lot of people agreed with the boys’ way, even if it may seem a bit rude.

Most of them think that the polite way wouldn’t work for these types of inconsiderate people.

While agreeing that the old man was wrong, one person tried to give a suggestion for youngsters to better warn elderly people.

The Health Ministry reacted to the tweet, saying they took note of the incident and thanked the boys for their concern.

Here’s how you can report

Those caught smoking in a prohibited public area can be slapped with a RM250 compound for the first and second charges, while the third will be RM350. This also applies to premises owners who fail to ban smokers from smoking in their area.

Here’s a way for you to report someone smoking in a public area without confronting them.

  1. Name the restaurant and its location
  2. Take a picture or video of the individual smoking at the premises
  3. State the time and date of the recording
  4. Send it to this WhatsApp number: 010-8608949 or click this link:
  5. You can also report via a phone call at 03-88924530

Besides reporting the smoker, you can also report the premises’ owner for not having a “non-smoking sign” at their premises.

Report or don’t, seems like things will never change…

However, since the implementation of non-smoking areas in 2020, it seems like not much has changed. Yes, people are indeed more vigilant about smoking in public, but there will still be those stubborn and intolerant people who will make a scene when they are asked to smoke somewhere else.

Even those who reported the acts to the government’s number didn’t see anything done about it.

So how would you handle something like this in public? Would you make a scene or simply walk away?

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