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[Watch] Foodpanda Rider Who Complained About Wages Says It’s All Good Now

[Watch] Foodpanda Rider Who Complained About Wages Says It’s All Good Now

People have offers their empathy and money to the rider.

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Last week, Foodpanda rider Saifuddin Mustofa’s emotional plea in alleging his salary was cut down from RM800 to RM500 and that he was suspended for three days went viral on social media.

In a video, Saifuddin said he just recovered from stage 3 cancer and has many debts.

He also claimed that he sent an email to Foodpanda regarding the salary cut and suspension. They responded saying that the suspension was due to to many cancellation of orders.

Since the video went viral, netizens showed their support for him with some donating money to Saifuddin.

However according to Foodpanda, their internal investigations revealed that despite numerous reminders, Saifuddin repeatedly neglected to execute his obligations as a delivery rider and failed to deliver some items.

“As a service provider, Foodpanda has the responsibility of maintaining a pleasant user experience for our customers, ensuring that our merchant partners’ food and groceries are delivered on time, while maintaining fairness to other delivery partners who provide excellent service. When we spoke to him, Mr. Saifuddin agreed to meet with us tomorrow ( last Thursday), to address this.”


Foodpanda also thanked Human Resources Minister V. Sivakumar and the general public for their concern for their delivery partners’ welfare.

Since the meeting, Saifuddin also came out on social media and stated that he has met with Foodpanda.

According to him, everything has been resolved with Foodpanda and he offered thanks to the people who were with him and helped him.

He also apologised to those of which orders he may have overlooked.

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