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[Watch] Woman Cries When Forced To Buy Expensive Flight Ticket To Sabah

[Watch] Woman Cries When Forced To Buy Expensive Flight Ticket To Sabah

Due to a delayed flight from Penang to KLIA, Abby missed the connecting flight to Sabah and had to content with the soaring ticket prices.

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Flight fares to and from Sabah or Sarawak have been skyrocketing, and many people have voiced out about the matter.

These expensive flight fares have priced out many people, especially students, who want to fly home to Sabah and Sarawak from the peninsular.  To make it worse, ticket prices go higher during festive seasons.

Recently, a woman who wished to fly to Sabah cried because she couldn’t afford to buy another ticket after missing her connecting flight.

TikTok user Abby (@abbywhooo) shared her heartbreak in a video and explained what happened.

Abby usually flies directly to Sabah from Penang but this time, she had to buy a transit ticket to KLIA because all the direct flights were sold out.

However, the flight from Penang to KLIA was delayed. She cried throughout the whole flight knowing that she would miss her flight to Sabah from KLIA.

She had no choice but to try to purchase a new ticket to get back to Sabah. Sadly, only Malaysia Airlines (MAS) tickets were available and they cost RM1,000 and above.

She called her mother for advice and asked what she should do. Amid her heartbreak, her mother sent her an encouraging message.

No issue, just proceed. Don’t stress. Money can be found any time. What’s important is for you to reach home safely.

Abby’s mother sent in SMS

Netizens sympathised with Abby and those who were in her shoes before knew how it felt. They said they didn’t have many airline choices during festive seasons and had to put up with exorbitant prices just to get home.

Other netizens said the airlines usually would replace the missed flight for free, especially if the previous flight was delayed. However, that might mean another round of waiting at the airport.

A few netizens urged Transport Minister Anthony Loke and the local airlines to look into the matter. They suggest allowing passengers like Abby to board the next flight on any airline with an extra RM50 fee to make it easier for travellers.

A netizen suggested that any East Malaysians studying or working in the peninsular should have at least RM2,000 as emergency funds for last-minute flight tickets.

Meanwhile, another person said the high prices are discriminatory towards Sabahans and Sarawakians although they are also Malaysians.

Hopefully, a better solution can be drawn up to rectify this longstanding issue.

Raised flight fares akin to daylight robbery

Previously on April 2022, former Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin said local airlines raising the flight fares to Sabah and Sarawak during the festive season was daylight robbery.

Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew recently said airlines should increase flight frequencies to Sabah during the festive season to keep fares affordable.

It is high time for them (airlines) not to ignore East Malaysians, not just Sabahans who want to come home, not just Hari Raya but during other festivals. If you know your (airlines) flights should be full this time around, then you should think of increasing your number of flights. 

Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew

She also pointed out that tourists would want to come to Sabah for the holidays, but the soaring ticket prices would turn them away.

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