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Mom Says Baby Injured, Nanny Claims It Was From A Fall

Mom Says Baby Injured, Nanny Claims It Was From A Fall

A parent found lines above her son’s left ear which looked like finger marks left behind from a slap.

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A parent was heartbroken to see their young child suffering from injuries at a nanny’s place and has taken to Facebook to share their sorrow.

On Thursday (23 February), the nanny called her in the afternoon to say her child, Daris, fell. The nanny claimed that she was washing dishes in the kitchen after feeding Daris and didn’t see how it happened.

The nanny allegedly heard Daris’s cries and found the child lying below the metal study table. She believed Daris was reaching for the toy under the table.

However, the parent felt suspicious because Daris sustained injuries on the sides of his face. She also found three lines above her son’s left ear that looked like finger marks left after a slap.

Image: Wan Fazreen Syahira/Facebook

Feeling dissatisfied with the reasons given, she asked the nanny why her son sustained injuries to the sides of the face but was found in a lying down position.

The nanny then said the swelling on the right side of the head happened after Daris fell near the sofa in the morning while she was carrying him.

The nanny kept quiet when the parent asked why she wasn’t informed about the matter in the morning.

The nanny then claimed that Daris’s bruises only showed up after she iced the injured spots.

Daris was brought to a private clinic for medical attention. The doctor said Daris didn’t sustain any serious injuries but urged the parents to keep watch for 24 hours in case anything changes.

Daris was brought to the hospital

The next day (24 February), Daris was still traumatised and kept screaming in his sleep. He was taken to a hospital, but the nurse told the parents that she needed a police report to proceed with further checks.

They lodged a police report on Saturday (25 February) and Daris was hospitalised for four days. The parent claimed that the doctors who attended to Daris said the marks above the ear looked like finger marks.

The police advised the parents to lodge a second report if they intended to pursue a case against the nanny.

They lodged the second police report the next day (27 February). They were told the police cannot guarantee that the nanny will be charged in court because it was a tough case to prove without witnesses and shaky evidence.

On the day of the incident, the nanny claimed that all her children were upstairs in the house and the other children under her care didn’t turn up. Only Daris and the nanny were downstairs the whole time.

It was revealed that the nanny was reported for a similar case about three years back. Another child allegedly fell on toys but there wasn’t any evidence so the case was dropped.

On Wednesday (22 March), Daris’s parents received the update that they cannot charge the nanny in court due to the lack of evidence. Just like the previous case, the case had to be dismissed.

The story saddened netizens and they urged parents to send their children to registered daycares with CCTV for monitoring.

A netizen suggested the parents file a civil case against the nanny on the grounds of trauma and injury since the nanny was previously reported for a similar issue.

Parents are also advised to carefully select the child carers to watch over their children.

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