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Mother Claims Toddler Bitten By Other Toddlers, Left Unattended At Daycare

Mother Claims Toddler Bitten By Other Toddlers, Left Unattended At Daycare

A mother claimed that her daughter was one year and one month old at the time and was a happy kid unlike most kids on their first day of school.

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Every parents’ worst nightmare is accidentally sending their child to a facility that ends up bullying and even in some extreme cases, abusing the child.

Unfortunately for Facebook user El Ameera, that fear ended up becoming a reality.

El Ameera shared in a post that her toddler daughter was allegedly abused in a new kindergarten that they had sent her to.

After 3 months of gathering the strength to do this, I think it is time I disclose what happened to Maryam. May this be a lesson to everyone and may Maryam get the justice she deserves. This incident occurred in early January this year on Maryam’s third day at the new taska (kindergarten).

El Ameera via Facebook

She added that her daughter was one year and one month old at the time and was a happy kid unlike most kids on their first day of school.

On the first day, Maryam was really happy. She even walked into the entrance all by herself, so excitedly she even forgot to wave her mummy and daddy bye. However, when her father picked her up in the evening, he told me that she cried very loudly when she saw him, that’s when I started getting a bad feeling. This is because at her old taska, she was always happy in the morning as well as the evening.

El Ameera via Facebook

El Ameera added that it was very uncommon for her daughter to feel stressed or look sad.

She added that as many of her followers would already know via her stories on social media, Maryam has always been a happy kid.

“I assumed that it was because of a new environment and used that as an explanation for her crankiness. I kept telling myself that maybe she was just tired from all the playing and mingling she had done throughout the day. Plus, this taska has better facilities than the last one, with their mini gym, indoor playground and so on.”

El Ameera via Facebook

On the second day, El Ameera said she insisted to pick Maryam up herself because she wanted to observe the situation.

I took out my phone to record what I saw and it was obvious that Maryam looked upset. I sent the video to her grandmother and she agreed as well but brushed it off as Maryam was tired. When we arrived at home, Maryam’s father noticed a red mark on her wrist and while it was a small mark both of us sensed the red flags popping up.

El Ameera via Facebook

The next day, El Ameera wrote that she notified the teacher in the morning and ended up getting a WhatsApp picture of a bruise and wounds on her daughter’s hand from the teachers with the note ‘a fellow student bit Maryam when the teacher went to get hair oil’.

My heart felt like it was about to shatter thinking about how much pain my child would be feeling. When we arrived at the taska, Maryam looked weak and I was shocked when I saw the condition of her hand. It was not just her left hand that was bruised and swollen, but there were marks behind her ears, her cheeks and back of her palms had marks as well as a bite mark on her right arm.

El Ameera via Facebook

She then asked the teacher to show her where the ‘fight’ had taken place and was brought to an empty room where there were four kids.

The room had nothing but a few air purifiers. I had even provided an extra blanket for Maryam but there was nothing in that room. When I visited the year before, the teachers told me that there would be cots and other facilities but these children were laying on cold floors with the air-conditioning on.

El Ameera via Facebook

According to the teacher this was an isolation room for the toddlers during the evenings to avoid them from disturbing the babies there.

I was extremely angry at the discrimination and the sight of the children at that time. I couldn’t understand why they needed to do this. When I checked their CCTV, I realised that the other toddlers and Maryam were placed in that room since the morning. They also fed these toddlers on the cold floor with nothing to shield them from the cold. Why teacher why?

El Ameera via Facebook

She claimed that based on police investigation, the teachers had also left these toddlers in that room alone with no adult supervision whatsoever multiple times.

One time there was a teacher who left a toddler on the air purifier with a handphone alone. The police also told me that Maryam had been attacked by the other kids at least three to four times while she was alone in that room with the other toddlers.

El Ameera via Facebook

Based on the CCTV footage, at that time Maryam was already laying weak on the floor, possibly crying and screaming, hoping someone would come help her. Where was the teacher then? Why did they leave the toddlers that many times? We still ask ourselves why Maryam and the other kids were left unsupervised until she got hurt.

El Ameera via Facebook

El Ameera added that the worst part was that some of the CCTV camera footage was not given to them.

What happened between 11am and 3.45pm, what happened to my daughter during that time? Maryam cried the whole night that day and we felt horrible as parents watching our child suffer.

El Ameera via Facebook

She added that that night after making a police report against the kindergarten, Maryam started bleeding from the nose and was rushed to the hospital where she was referred to the ENT department.

Her child was also referred to a child psychologist after that because there were times when she would wake up screaming in the middle of the night and cry and she has also tried to bite her brothers.

She has to keep up with her follow-ups till May. I can’t believe this happened in a day. The so-called prestigious taska charges over a thousand ringgit for registration fees but does not even have a bed for the children.

El Ameera via Facebook

She noted that the police investigation has concluded and that many have advised her husband and her to take legal action against the kindergarten but the costs were too high.

Now I understand why most similar cases go quiet after a while. We know that this will be a long and hard battle but my husband and I are willing to go to any extent for our daughter. Please pray for us.

El Ameera via Facebook

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