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3 Malaysians Students Accepted Into Harvard College

3 Malaysians Students Accepted Into Harvard College

The three are Ho Shu Xin from Ipoh, Pua E Rick and Sydny Lum Shen Li from Kuala Lumpur.

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Tertiary education is the stage in life where one would be deciding the path of their career and where they would find their passion. This is where students try to get placements at top universities either locally or abroad.

Universities such as Harvard is the dream of many students and 3 Malaysians have been offered the opportunity to realise their dreams.

Ho Shu Xin from Ipoh, Pua E Rick and Sydny Lum Shen Li from Kuala Lumpur have been admitted to the class of 2027 and they are among the 14.5 percent of foreign students intake at the Harvard College from 102 nations, according to a statement by the Harvard Club of Malaysia.

Rick wants to study Biological Sciences, Shen Li wants to study Economics, and Shu Xin wants to major in Educational Psychology.

Wan Nadiah Wan Mohd Abdullah Yaakob, the president of the Harvard Club of Malaysia stated that admissions at Harvard are “need-blind” and “financial aid is 100% need-based,” meaning that students are accepted solely based on their abilities and character, regardless of their socioeconomic status or financial resources.

She continued by saying that they are seeking students with potential for advancement. The Harvard resources might be helpful to these pupils as well. These students have demonstrated passion for a certain subject or activity and have made use of the tools at their disposal.

Shu Xin developed Project 30,000 Hours during the pandemic, according to Nick Kaw, Head of Research at Khazanah Nasional Berhad, an organisation that seeks to improve student access to online learning and cultivate students’ sense of self-leadership.

On the other hand, Rick is a good example of someone who is a go-getter and will make things happen. He co-runs a blog called “The STEM Bulletin” with a team of 20 authors, including high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. He is an enthusiastic scientist and scientific communicator.

In order to pursue her enthusiasm for economics and to expand her horizons, Nick said Shen Li joined two student economics and financial literacy organisations and started a self-directed research project on the effects of Bitcoin for underdeveloped nations.

These attributes not only justifies the terms mentioned by Nadiah but also proves that these three students deserve the admission to Harvard as only 3.41 percent of the 56, 937 applications are accepted, as reported by The Star.

Many took to social media to congratulate the trio.

Both Shu Xin and Shen Li mentioned in an interview with The Star that they intend to help their communities upon their return from the United States.

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