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[Watch] Angry Foodpanda Rider Caught On Camera Throwing Stuff At Workers In Penang Restaurant

[Watch] Angry Foodpanda Rider Caught On Camera Throwing Stuff At Workers In Penang Restaurant

The rider was seen in a clip throwing a beverage at Fumi Honey House’s female staff and a menu book at another.

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Recently a CCTV video of an incident in Simpang Ampat, Penang that happened last Wednesday (29 March) went viral on Facebook. The video was uploaded by an F&B outlet named Fumi Honey House on their Facebook account.

In the video, two delivery riders, one wearing a Foodpanda shirt and one wearing a blue helmet, were seen coming into the store, and talking to the staff about an order. The two riders seemed frustrated at the staff and kept on pointing at something on their phones.

Then, out of nowhere, the blue helmet individual threw a beverage at the staff to get their attention. The rider then argued with another staff and again threw a menu book at her.

In the post, Fumi Honey House explained the situation that happened in the video. They claimed that their female employee was hit for no reason.

What happened that day was they had an order waiting for 30 minutes already. When the rider didn’t come yet, they notified the Foodpanda system about it. It then arranged for a new rider to deliver the order.

He first threw a beverage at the female staff.
(Credit: Fumi Honey House / Facebook)

After 45 minutes, the original rider arrived with a friend. He argued with the staff because he was unhappy at being replaced. He then threw a beverage at the female staff who then started crying because she was scared.

The other staff stood up for her and said that this behaviour is not tolerated. After a few arguments, the rider then again threw a menu book at her and challenged them to call the police. He claimed that his house was just behind their store.

He then threw a menu book to the owner.
(Credit: Fumi Honey House / Facebook)

Both the staff and owner were stunned by the rider’s attitude and behaviour. They clarified that they were not authorized to replace delivery riders and they were just worried that their customers would file a complaint for waiting too long.

Besides that, they tried reporting the incident to the police but the authorities couldn’t do anything to help the situation as no one was hurt and nothing was damaged in the store. They could only file a report and have no action taken upon it.

They hoped that the delivery rider could be punished accordingly and apologize to their female employee. They have reported this issue to Foodpanda too and they found out that one of the delivery riders is still delivering food, believed to be using someone else’s identity.

Foodpanda responded to the incident with a media statement earlier today. They’ve expressed their regret on how the food merchant had an unsatisfactory experience with their riders. They also stated that their riders do not represent them as a whole but are just independent contractors.

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