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RM1 Wak Doyok Baju Melayu Promo Slammed, Chaos At Shah Alam Boutique

RM1 Wak Doyok Baju Melayu Promo Slammed, Chaos At Shah Alam Boutique

Some of the customers even pushed pregnant ladies and kids, threw goods, tore up boxes and stole some products at Starvillion last Saturday because of a RM1 early bird promotion.

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Last Saturday (1 April), what seemed to be a promotional sale went awry when the crowd went into a frenzy. Several videos went viral showing the atmosphere at Starvillion in Shah Alam.

People were seen hustling and tussling each other to enter a famous boutique that sells Muslim-wear clothing in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. There were long lines in crowds waiting for the store to open at 10 am and there was even a riot inside when it opened.

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It is believed that the huge crowd was because of a deal being offered to the first 150 people. However, over 500 people turned up at the store on Saturday, trying their luck for a free or discounted Baju Raya.

According to Uciluna, an influencer who promoted all these deals online, some even “camped” outside the premises from 2 am just to get a chance to be one of the early birds.

But things escalated when the store opened its doors. Suddenly, latecomers in groups came barging in at the front of the line and pushed each other to get inside.

Some people even shoved kids and pregnant ladies and some got into a fight. As soon as they were in the store, some people threw the boxes, tore them down and even stole them while pushing and shoving each other.

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According to Malaymail, Shah Alam Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said authorities were informed of a complaint around 10.30 am after a huge commotion at the boutique.

Around 11.45 am, the management agreed to cease their operations on security grounds after failing to control the crowd.

Assistant Commissioner Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim, Shah Alam Police Chief

Iqbal advised the public not to be gullible with promotions during this festive period. In contrast, business owners should avoid organising any form of promotion that could mislead the public to prevent the event from happening again.

All because of RM1 sale

Some blamed the boutique for misleading marketing and poor crowd control.

A few promo videos for the store were made by Uciluna who told the public that Starvillion will be having a RM1 deal for Wak Doyok Baju Melayu for the first 100 early birds.

Besides that, there were also going to be free Kurtas for the extra 50 people afterwards, a lucky draw, an iPhone, sponsored Baju Raya clothing for 4 families and many more lucrative deals.

@uciluna_ Ya Allah Dipermudahkan lah urusan kami di bulan ramadhan ini 🤲🏻🙏🏻 #starvilion #uciluna #wakdoyok #masukberanda #viral ♬ Selawat Nabi Muhammad Saw – N.I.A

But according to the public, Uciluna didn’t specify the RM1 deals too clearly as it was only available for numbered customers in the marked 100 people which were, the 1st, 10th, 20th, 30, – 100th. This would mean that only 11 people were eligible for the RM1 deal, not 100 as believed.

Many found this deceiving as they were hoping to find the RM1 deal but ended up being offered a RM100 outfit.

Uciluna made a video afterwards saying that he wanted to offer more the RM1 deal to more people but he didn’t have the chance to enter the store as the crowd was raging and they even had to call the police.

Netizens were enraged at both customers and the management

According to the comment sections of the viral videos, netizens also blamed both the management and those who came barging into the store aggressively.

Some blamed the crowd for being selfish.

“This is what happens when you treat humans with money”

“Our people are so weird. It’s not like they can’t celebrate Eid without a Baju Melayu. Plus, we can only wear it for one or two days.”

Some sided with the crowd, understanding why they behaved the way they did.

“The deal was only available for 11 customers only. He advertised like the whole store was giving away the clothes for RM1. It serves the purpose of why were goods destroyed.”

“Right now, a lot of people are financially struggling. This is their chance of buying RM1 clothing. Who doesn’t want that? Don’t blame them.”

“A lot of people can’t afford it. When they hear RM1, everyone had to behave like that. My poor Malaysians.”

This serves as a reminder to the public to always be mindful and not gullible when interpreting marketing techniques by these kinds of businesses.

Businesses should also avoid creating deceiving marketing techniques that only benefit them.

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