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Doctor Gets Roasted For Telling Khairul Aming To Cook Healthier In The Future

Doctor Gets Roasted For Telling Khairul Aming To Cook Healthier In The Future

Dr Rafidah explained that frying food with lots of oil wasn’t healthy after Khairul Aming shared his recipe for green sambal and omelette.

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Food content creator Khairul Aming recently shared his recipe for Sambal Hijau Bilis and omelette.

While his followers look forward to seeing the recipes he comes up with, Dr Rafidah Abdullah, a consultant physician and nephrologist in Hospital Putrajaya, shared some advice.

She advised Khairul Aming to produce healthy food content because the video of him cooking sambal and the omelette used too much oil.

She also said frying food was unhealthy and wants more Malaysians to be aware of their food choices.

However, her comments didn’t go down well with netizens who believe her comments were unwarranted.

Netizens said Khairul Aming isn’t responsible for the health of all Malaysians and also pointed out that he does have a separate Instagram account filled with healthy recipes.

A few of them added that making sambal without oil doesn’t make sense. A netizen explained that sambal is eaten in small amounts and not the whole pan.

Some people said it was unfair to single out Khairul Aming when the food options in the hospital cafeteria weren’t healthy either. They advised Dr Rafidah to fix the hospital food before targeting anyone else.

A netizen explained that there’s no good or bad food and it’s better to eat in moderation.

There were some good jokes from netizens too. The best came from a netizen telling Khairul Aming to put a slice of apple in each recipe because “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Despite the criticism, a few netizens also showed support for the doctor. They believe she has seen how unhealthy Malaysians are in her line of work and was just doing her duty to remind others to care for their health.

However, others also believe Dr Rafidah should let Malaysians make their own choices as everyone is old enough to know for themselves.

Due to the backlash, Dr Rafidah apologised and explained that she wasn’t blaming Khairul Aming for causing Malaysians to be unhealthy.

She also hoped influencers will show the calorie content in their future content or works.

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