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Woman On Condo’s 12th Floor Terrified When 2 Men Tried To Break In Via Balcony

Woman On Condo’s 12th Floor Terrified When 2 Men Tried To Break In Via Balcony

Her husband first spotted the man trying to open the balcony door while another man was climbing down from the floor above.

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A woman and her husband had the scare of their lives when their condo unit on the 12th floor was almost broken into.

Phoebe Shafinaz and her husband were sitting in the living room around 12.43am. While scrolling on her phone, her husband suddenly screamed.

When she looked up, she saw a man about 6 feet tall standing on her balcony. He tried to open the balcony’s sliding door and another man was climbing down from the floor above.

Phoebe’s husband quickly rushed to the sliding door to make sure the doors were tightly locked.

All this time, Phoebe and her husband were screaming and the man on the balcony tried to shush them.

Phoebe pulled her husband away from the door to make sure he was safe before calling the police and security and sent an SOS message to her condo Whatsapp group.

Although no further harm came to them, Phoebe’s mind kept racing, and she wondered what if it happened when they were sleeping.

The incident traumatised them and they couldn’t sleep after the incident. Her husband booked them a hotel room so they could sleep for a few hours before work.

She reminded everyone to always lock their doors and windows as simple actions could save their lives.

Phoebe told TRP that one of the men was apprehended by the authorities while the other managed to get away.

Netizens were glad that Phoebe and her husband were safe and unhurt.

The situation isn’t unfamiliar to some people here, and they shared similar experiences and near-encounters.

A netizen said that the security at her condominium had to regularly shine torchlight into balconies to make sure no people were breaking in.

Another person who had their home almost broken into advised Phoebe to lodge a wooden stick (kayu sendal) in between the sliding doors to prevent the doors from being opened.

The wooden stick in between the sliding doors protected the netizen and her siblings in an all-girl household.

Meanwhile, another netizen said installing an invisible grille could be a good option too.

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