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[Watch] “Like Giving Fish To Cats” Netizens Slam Terengganu PAS Rep

[Watch] “Like Giving Fish To Cats” Netizens Slam Terengganu PAS Rep

The Chukai assemblyman delivered the fish house-to-house with his own bare hands.

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Terengganu State Executive Councillor Hanafiah Mat was previously criticised for allegedly looking down on Menu Rahmah when he was seen in a video pouring orange juice into a plate of rice.

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This time around, the Chukai assemblyman is criticised for handing out fish to his constituents without packing them in a plastic bag or container.

Based on the video online, Hanafiah could be seen holding a fish by its tail to hand it over to people outside their homes.

Netizens were puzzled as to why he would distribute the fish in that manner. Some found the way he handed a single fish to each household cute because it looked like he was feeding cats.

However, others also said it was rude of him to give away fish without packaging. They believe he should have had the courtesy to wrap up the fish before handing it over to the people.

They also said the fish should be wrapped or placed in a container so that the excess water wouldn’t drip on the floor of people’s homes.

Someone added if they were to hand the fish out in that manner to their neighbour, they wouldn’t hear the end of it.

A netizen pointed out that they feed their cats on a plate and sympathised with the locals there for being treated in a lackadaisical manner.

People were also disappointed that Hanafiah didn’t care about the cat that stood in front of the door grille.

The poor cat was in the way when Hanafiah pulled the door grille open and was in the way again when he pushed the door to close.

Netizens believe he should have waited for the cat to move away or at least make an attempt to shoo it aside before opening the door grille.

On the other hand, there are also people who saw nothing wrong with the way Hanafiah distributed the fish. They said at least the assemblyman did his work and helped the people.

A few of them joked that it was an eco-friendly and cost-effective method to deliver fish since plastic bags can pollute the environment.

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