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Rare Light Phenomenon In Johor, No It’s Not Megatron Looking For A Place To Land

Rare Light Phenomenon In Johor, No It’s Not Megatron Looking For A Place To Land

The rare light phenomenon over Johor recently was captured on camera.

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Johor is known for many things such as the Legoland theme park and the Johor Laksa. Yesterday however, Johor was famous for a rare phenomenon known as Light Pillar.

From the video that was shared, a bright orange light can be seen in the clouds by the people in the surrounding areas.

This rare phenomenon brought many interesting comments with people making references to the Transformers, Avengers and Ultraman.

One of them even shared an image illustrating how the light pillars form in the sky.

According to the Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA), the Light Pillar phenomenon happens when there is a strong light from the Earth’s surface surrounded by a body of water. At the same time, the atmospheric temperature is very low and ice (flakes) forms that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Meanwhile, the earth’s surface temperature is very hot.

These two conditions result in the light reflecting in the atmosphere and it looks like a pillar of light hanging in the sky. Polar regions are where this condition always happens.

Anyone can see this event; for instance, in 2017, a group of photographers in Kudat, Sabah saw this extremely unusual occurrence. The sky is decorated by the Pillars of Light at night, which are visible in a variety of hues.

Phenomenon as such is what makes the universe that we live in such an interesting place. We are lucky enough if we are able to be witness these phenomenons right in front of our eyes.

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