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Social Media User Shares Haunting In Kuantan Rented House

Social Media User Shares Haunting In Kuantan Rented House

One Azhar Ahmad shared his experience with the supernatural while renting a house in Kuantan.

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We are sure that at some point in life, you must have looked up haunted places to visit in the world (maybe visited a few too). But, have you ever heard of a person living in one?

A Facebook post shared a story from Azhar Ahmad, who recollected an experience of living in a haunted house.

One of the rental houses I stayed in Kuantan was very mysterious. In the beginning there were two of us living in the house; but in the end I was the only one living there.

Azhar Ahmad via Facebook

He added that they stayed in the middle room and recollected it being the hottest room in the house.

Because of the heat, Azhar mentioned that he would spend most nights sleeping in the living room because it was cooler.

One morning at 3am, he suddenly had the urge to go to the toilet and while attempting to ease himself, he heard what sounded like people working at the back of the house.

I went to look but there was no one there. Both neighbours on my left and right were already asleep. As I walked back into the living room, I heard the sound again and I went to take another peek thinking that there might actually be someone working on something.

Azhar Ahmad via Facebook

However, like the first time, he did not see anything.

Suddenly, the sound then came from directly above my head. I remember not looking up and just walking back into the house. I took some prayer water, read a few prayers out loud and went to bed.

Azhar Ahmad via Facebook

Another encounter Azhar had in the same house was when he spent yet another night in the living room due to the hot weather.

In front of my house, there was a football field and across said field was an abandoned swampy area. I was awakened by a sweet smell and as I opened my eyes, there was a young girl walking from my kitchen towards the front door.

Azhar Ahmad via Facebook

Azhar recalled closing his eyes shut and when he did that, he felt someone drag a cloth over his body – tickling him in the process.

This will happen for the next two to three nights. There were no scary sounds, just that ticklish feeling followed by a very strong sweet scent. However, one night, it was not that thing that came, but something else. It felt like a tiger was grabbing my body. I dared not open my eyes and look up but at a glance I could see that this creature had big paws, whiskers and kept breathing heavily on my face.

Azhar Ahmad via Facebook

Eventually, Azhar had shared these experiences with his late mother and was taken to an ustaz, who then told them that this thing and its “pet” had lived in that area for a very long time.

The shocker to this was the fact that the ustaz mentioned that whatever this was, it had taken a liking towards me and had eventually ‘fallen in love’ with me. One of them (the people at the mosque) had suggested I hold on to an ore which I eventually did and it worked.

Azhar Ahmad via Facebook

Azhar added that nevertheless, since moving states, he sometimes still gets a whiff of that sweet smell or “sees” someone by his side while jungle trekking.

Did this story scare you?

If it did, what are some scary experiences that you have gone through in the past?

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