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Students in Kupang, Indonesia Forced To Attend School At 5.30am

Students in Kupang, Indonesia Forced To Attend School At 5.30am

Parents are not happy with the policy as students come back home exhausted and sleep deprived

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Morning session in schools is normal around the world. Even then parents have a hard time waking up their kids and preparing them for school.

Recently, a pilot project in Kupang, the capital of East Nusa Tenggara province, has 10 high schools starting classes at 5.30am for 12th graders (17 years old).

As reported by The Guardian, the scheme which Governor Viktor Laiskodat unveiled last month, is said to be designed in order to improve the students’ discipline.

This, however, does not sit well with the parents. They are worried for their kids’ safety and health.

In an interview with AFP, Rambu Ata, the mother of 16 year old Eureka said that she cannot accept the fact that her daughter has to leave home when it is still dark. She also mentioned that the safety of the kids is not guaranteed leaving the house early in the morning when it is dark and quiet.

Eureka must now get up at 4 in the morning to get ready and ride a motorcycle to school. Every time she gets home now, she is tired and falls asleep right away, according to Ata as schools in Indonesia normally end at 3.30pm.

Marsel Robot, an education expert from Nusa Cendana University told AFP that It has nothing to do with efforts to raise educational standards.

She also said that the students will get less sleep and this poses a major health risk and can cause them to be more stressful.

According to a newsletter by New in Health (NIH) a person’s emotions, health, and cognitive function improves with adequate sleep.

Lack of regular, good-quality sleep increases the chances of developing a variety of illnesses and disorders. This includes dementia and obesity as well as heart disease and stroke.

Sleep is essential to a human body. Good productivity and discipline come from a fresh mind and this can only be accomplished when the body gets a good amount of rest.

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