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Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Slammed Over “Rude” Tutorial Video

Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Slammed Over “Rude” Tutorial Video

KPDN’s video shows how a consumer should handle the issue of different prices as displayed and while paying.

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No one likes being cut off, bumped into or the recipient of a terse email.

Yet it happens all the time — both to us and if you think hard enough, you can probably think of something you did or said not too long ago that someone else may have seen as not so nice.

As such, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) recently came under fire due to a video tutorial on how to act if a consumer found a price variation on a product.

Their tweet which read: “Ini bukan masalah saya, ini masalah awak #KPDN”, showcased a video which shows how a consumer or customer should handle the issue of price differences on the shelf and on the counter.

In the video, the customer is seen taking a bottle of dishwashing liquid priced at RM6.90 on the shelf which eventually shows up as RM7.90 at checkout.

Here, the cashier attempts to explain that they have yet to update the price of the item, and in reply, the customer said, “This is not my problem, it is your problem.”

This riled up netizens with many highling the customer’s reply as rude.

Twitter user @ameelms noted that sometimes being rude is not the only way to get things done.

Sometimes, being rude is not the only way to get things resolved. Do better KPDN.

@ameelms via Twitter

Another Twitter user @SVXMprotocol questioned:

It’s always the typical ‘masalah awak bukan masalah saya’ then what are you arguing for?

@SVXMprotocol via Twitter

On the other hand, Twitter user @abdyns said while it is good that KPDN is educating the public on this issue, it should be done in a more respectful method instead.

User education is good. It’s good to increase awareness. But that dialogue/sentence, it doesn’t fit our eastern values…that’s a rude sentence! It also doesn’t fit with the concept of ‘MADANI’ which was initiated by PMX @anwaribrahim.

@abdyns via Twitter

Sharing similar thoughts with @abdyns, Twitter user @RaharjoJoseph said:

Yes, fine, I agree, but I think it’s good to create detailed explanatory content. Later, everyone doesn’t have to answer to the retail workers as such. Sometimes, it’s not even their fault. The content is already good but needs to be done in a better way.

@RaharjoJoseph via Twitter

Lastly, Twitter user @iberriesme shared his experience getting comments such as the one suggested by KPDN.

He wrote:

My place of work has always used this method. Until we were mistreated by customers.

@iberriesme via Twitter

With this in mind, what do you think about the video tutorial posted?

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