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Is It A Lake Or A Field?

Is It A Lake Or A Field?

This is caused by a phenomenon known as Eutrophication.

Keran Raj

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Recently a post on Twitter went viral showing a TikTok video from February of a lake that looks like a football field.

The post was shared by @hasutbeli urging parents to monitor their kids from going near the lake or mistaking it for a field.

The video was originally shared on TikTok on 18 February 2023.

The location of the lake, according to a netizen in the comment section, is near Kelana Jaya and next to Paradigm Mall.

Another Twitter user known as @folkloreswitty came forth and stated that this is a phenomenon known as Eutrophication. This phenomenon occurs when there are high concentrations of nutrients of phosphate and nitrate.

A study published by H.K Low et al in 2019 stated that the phenomenon occurs due to excessive fertiliser inputs, and that eutrophication has contaminated more than 50% of lakes globally, including 60% in Malaysia.

These nutrients come from home, industrial, and agricultural wastes and include phosphorus and nitrogen. The unfavourable lake condition known as eutrophication is characterised by murky water and an overabundance of algae growth, which suppresses macrophytes (large algaes) and reduces ecosystem services.

The cleaning process is said to be underway and @haikalicous claimed that the process just started.

Many took the opportunity to show their concern and make jokes about it along the way.

It is crucial for parents to take note of this as it can be very dangerous.

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