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Halle Berry And Jessica Chastain Too Sexy For TV3? Netizens Share Their Thoughts

Halle Berry And Jessica Chastain Too Sexy For TV3? Netizens Share Their Thoughts

Nothing revealing about what they wore, opined a Twitter user.

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Yesterday, Twitter user @Sivavmn shared a tweet which read:

I’m at the hospital. TV3 just showed a clip of Michelle Yeoh winning the Oscar. They blurred out the 2 presenters, only showing their faces. Probably due to them wearing dresses.

@Sivavmn via Twitter

Looking back at the snippet posted by Buletin TV3 on their official Facebook page, it turned out to be true that the presenters, Halle Berry and Jessica Chastain, had their entire bodies blurred out with only their faces clearly visible.

Netizens, as usual, were quick to pour out their thoughts on the matter.

While many joked about how this was an issue of “dress codes” and some screamed second hand embarrassment, others chided the television station for what they assumed was unnecessary censorship.

Twitter user @lfc_eddie said:

The two presenters were Jessica Chastain and Halle Berry. Nothing revealing about what they wore.

@lfc_eddie via Twitter

Another Twitter user @loldannyhere said:

What to do? This country clearly treats women as second class citizens.

@loldannyhere via Twitter

Twitter user @tombwgholland questioned the need for Buletin TV3 to do such a thing when Astro had aired an uncensored version with no issue.

While Astro freely aired uncensored. Weird huh?

@tombwgholland via Twitter

Twitter user @ShuckMyBhauls shared two screenshots of the snippet posted by Buletin TV3 with the caption, “Oh my GOD they weren’t joking, Malaysian news actually blurred out the dresses of the Oscar’s presenters????”

Comments also flooded @ShuckMyBhauls’ tweet with many questioning why the television channel would do this when local celebrities aren’t censored for their dressing.

(It deserves a mention that local television stations have in the past blurred out the attire of some local actors.)

Twitter user @tobesyuzen said:

No funny thing is cuz they never blurred out the artists in local awards and hello actress dlm drama pun lebih kurang je (actresses in local dramas also dress almost the same).

@tobesyuzen via Twitter

Another Twitter user @ssyazanasanchez said:

So confused because I swear Malaysian celebrities dress this way at awards and ceremonies.

@ssyazanasanchez via Twitter

If you watched the Oscars clip on Buletin TV3 yesterday, do you think this was a necessary move?

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