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Malaysian Healthcare Is So Good And Affordable, Even Indonesians Come Here For It

Malaysian Healthcare Is So Good And Affordable, Even Indonesians Come Here For It

Jokowi said Malaysia was the main destination when his countrymen seek healthcare overseas.

Keran Raj

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Malaysia is filled with interesting places for tourists to visit and this directly helps to generate income for the national economy.

However, tourism in our country is divided into several categories such as sports, education, and health as reasons for tourists to come here.

In fact, the health technology system in this country, which is getting more advanced, actually draws many tourists from foreign countries seeking treatment in Malaysia.

2 million people in Indonesia get treatment abroad every year

Recently, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo, stated that two million people in the Republic seek treatment abroad every year, including in Malaysia.

The matter was announced by the president of the other country via Twitter.

“More than 1 million to Malaysia, 750,000 to Singapore, some to Japan, the United States, Germany, and others,” he wrote.

Indonesia incurs losses of RM 48.2 million

He stated that because of that, Indonesia also suffered losses worth RP165 trillion (RM48.2 million) due to capital outflows.

“Because of that, the government fully supports the development of an international standard hospital. Today, I inaugurate Bandung Hospital’s Mayapada which uses a green theme.

“The presence of a modern hospital can reduce the number of people going abroad seeking health care,” said Joko Widodo.

Cheaper treatment in Malaysia

Many people commented on social media stating that treatment in Malaysia is not only cheaper but it is also of good quality.

“My parents always seek treatment in Kuching, Sarawak from Pontianak, Indonesia. The price is cheaper, the service is good, the doctor is qualified, and most importantly, many recover and it has been proven, including myself, who have received treatment there several times,” said Toddy, a Twitter user.

“My neighbor, his son injured his knee and needed surgery. Finally, the surgery took place in Malaysia because it’s cheaper there.”

“The price is cheaper and the service is much better. My mother was diagnosed with severe respiratory disease in an Indonesian hospital. The medicine given did not cure it. I told her to go to Penang for treatment. The doctor said my mother is fine, it’s just that if she’s stressed, the acid will rise and affect her breathing.”

“From the testimonials on this tweet, it can be concluded that it is better to go to Melaka, Penang, and Singapore because it is more convincing.”

“In 2019, I went to Penang. When you get there health is advertised in the city. So, they do make medicine the most important thing, besides education and a place to spend old age.”

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