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Caucasian Gets Into Tussle With Malaysian Over Parking, Netizens Are Angry

Caucasian Gets Into Tussle With Malaysian Over Parking, Netizens Are Angry

Parking issue sees man get shoved into his car, wife records the tussle on video.

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One of the most elusive things in Malaysia is definitely finding parking in congested areas and maneuvering these areas.

In a viral video posted on Twitter by @AsyrafRosli_ , a husband and wife were seen getting into a scuffle over what seems like a parking issue with a caucasian.

The one minute video shows the caucasian asking the Malaysian couple to move their car.

In the video, the caption states: “Warga asing makin kurang ajar.” (Foreigners are becoming more rude.)

However, at the time of writing, we are unable to verify if the caucasian is a local or a foreigner.

Things get heated between the couple and the other man, after which the man shoves the husband, pushing him back into his car.

This action made netizens angry, with many of them calling this an act of “white supremacy”.

Twitter user @k1ngofthewrld shared her very own experience with a “Karen”, saying:

These white people are rude as hell especially if you’re in KL. When I was at KLCC during an F1 event, this one white family legit just cut off everyone in front of them because they’re all much bigger and taller compared to us.

@k1ngofthewrld on Twitter

Another Twitter user, @mrAmizulkifli sarcastically said:

White people are always ‘angels’ in the eyes of many Malaysians. Even if they kick us or shout at us, we have to bow down to them. This is normal since they act supreme. The so-called “civilized” group.

@mrAmizulkifli on Twitter

Many others also tagged the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) under the original tweet, calling for action to be taken against the caucasian.

Meanwhile, some netizens commended the Malaysian man for not fighting back, supporting his decision to settle the matter the way he did.

Twitter user @cygaraga said:

That Malay guy did the wisest thing. Now he has retrieved a clear visual of evidence to go through court and press charges.

@cygaraga on Twitter

Another Twitter user @LonerNotAlone1 said:

This is considered as an assault. Go make a report. If they have to touch and push like this in their country, they will go to the police. So don’t let people push you away like this. Rude.

@LonerNotAlone1 on Twitter

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