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Netizens Not Too Happy Over Decision To Legalise Fireworks And Firecrackers

Netizens Not Too Happy Over Decision To Legalise Fireworks And Firecrackers

While many have rejected the act of legalising fireworks and firecrackers, some call for particular timing to set off fireworks.

Shivani Supramani

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While the legalisation of fireworks may seem like something many would accept with open arms (especially with our various festive seasons), it is proving to be quite the contrary.

Many netizens have voiced their dismay while some are asking that the government consider setting a specific time for when fireworks and firecrackers may be played.

Earlier today, Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming said the federal government has agreed to legalise firecrackers and fireworks.

According to a report by the Oriental Daily, Nga said the decision fulfils the wishes of the Chinese community.

He also added that this move was to control the safety levels of the items, with authorities to issue import licences for all firecrackers and fireworks brought into the country.

“In the past, there were incidents of injuries related to the setting off of firecrackers and fireworks.

“And this is due to the reason that some products do not meet the requirements and standards,” explained Nga.

However Nga stressed that the government is not encouraging the public to set off fireworks everyday.

“This is just a reflection of how liberal our unity government is. Anyway, there is now no need for everyone to worry about action being taken by the authorities.”

Nga Kor Ming

Netizens on the other hand, were not pleased with this announcement.

Many chimed in their thoughts on the issue saying that this would bring more harm than good.

One Twitter user @luxentX was clear with his disapproval on the matter and called this act a “populist move”.

He added that the revenues collected would not match the enforcement action needed.

Motoring journalist Paul Tan took to his Twitter @paultantk to state that the government should instead be enforcing a ban, not legalising fireworks and firecrackers.

Commenting on Nga’s point on the reflection of a liberal government, Twitter user @Echo52956408 said: “Liberalism means freedom to pursue your way of life as long as it does not harm or limit anyone else’s freedom. This is not being liberal. It is justifying selfish behaviour for the sake of championing a racial cause. Is he really telling us not to worry about breaking the law?”

Besides that, while many also worried about the possibility of this promoting air and noise pollution, some netizens asked if the government could consider setting a specific timing for those who intend to play with fireworks and firecrackers.

Twitter user @HausofHilton said: “Maybe we can set the timing when fireworks are allowed. Like in the UK I think it’s illegal to set off fireworks from 11pm to 7am except for a few instances only.”

As a Malaysian who experiences the various festivals our country has to offer, what do you think about this matter?

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