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Tinted ‘Smoke’ Car Lights Almost Causes Road Accident Due To Poor Visibility

Tinted ‘Smoke’ Car Lights Almost Causes Road Accident Due To Poor Visibility

Smoke lights reduce glare and make the car look sleeker but it also prevents other road users from seeing the brake and signal lights.

Adeline Leong

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Car modifications can be a fun thing to do but taking the changes too far can endanger other people on the road.

One of the latest trends is to darken the brake lights (tail lights). Popularly known as smoke lights or smoke headlamps, it can be done by applying paint or a Smoke tint film on the headlights and tail lights.

While smoked lights help to reduce glare, it’s mostly installed by car owners for aesthetic purposes.

A Twitter user Hezeri (@HezeriSamsuri) gave a real-life example of how dangerous it was for his friend who drove behind a car with smoked tail lights.

His friend almost knocked the back of the car, which was already dented, because they couldn’t see the brake lights that had been tinted.

For those unfamiliar with smoke lights, another netizen uploaded a video which showed how difficult it was to notice the faint red brake lights once it was tinted.

Other netizens who came across a similar issue shared their annoyances online. Although it looks good, they advised other car owners not to darken their lights because it endangers others on the road.

Some almost got into a road mishap because they could only catch a glimpse of the darkened red brake lights when they got closer.

They called on the authorities to look into the matter and to catch offenders at roadblocks in order to reduce the chances of road accidents.

Other than cracking down on smoke lights, netizens also think blinking brake lights are confusing and should be disallowed too.

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