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Woman In Shorts Denied Entry At Kajang Police Station After Getting Into An Accident

Woman In Shorts Denied Entry At Kajang Police Station After Getting Into An Accident

The woman claimed her Bermuda shorts covered her knees while the police said otherwise.

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A woman who drove an SUV got into an accident with a truck in Batu Sembilan, Cheras, yesterday morning but was turned away from the police station when she wanted to lodge a report.

First, both the woman and the truck driver drove to the Batu Sembilan police station to lodge a report but were asked to go to the Kajang police station instead.

The police officer at the Kajang police station refused to entertain her request after seeing through the car window that she wore “shorts.”

The woman claimed that she was wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts that covered her knees.

Although she told the police officer that she would have to travel a distance away to change clothes, he refused to adapt or change his mind.

Sensing that she was not getting anywhere with the officer, she called her sister to bring long pants for her.

It was ridiculous. How can they deny me the right to lodge a report unless I change my clothes? He told me he didn’t care and that even ministers wouldn’t be allowed to enter (if they were dressed that way).

The woman involved in a road accident

The woman said the police officer at the first police station didn’t reprimand her for her attire so she wondered why she was turned away at the other station.

If there was such a rule (shorts not allowed), then somebody would have told me at the first police station. It makes no sense.

The woman involved in a road accident

Feeling dissatisfied, she asked the officer for his name and badge number to file a complaint but he refused to divulge the information.

According to Free Malaysia Today, she contacted Kajang assemblyman Hee Loy Sian, who said he would check with the Kajang police station.

Kajang police released a statement to tell their side of the story. The police claimed that the woman wore shorts that reached above her knees and only changed to Bermuda shorts (the picture example shown in FMT) after she was refused entry.

Kajang police chief ACP Mohd Zaid Hassan said the police never had issues regarding clothing attire after dealing with almost 300 people daily.

Netizens disagreed with the police officer’s actions and wondered when our policemen became the moral and fashion police.

This incident also made many wonder whether they needed to go home and change clothes if they ever get into an accident before heading to the police station.

Some netizens shared similar experiences when they had to visit the police station too.

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