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Khairy Eyes Political Comeback In Upcoming Selangor State Election

Khairy Eyes Political Comeback In Upcoming Selangor State Election

Now a free agent, Khairy Jamaluddin is setting his sights on Selangor where all the political action is.

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It has only been a few days since Khairy Jamaluddin was sacked from Umno but it seems like he already has some plans, such as making a political comeback in the upcoming Selangor state election.

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Khairy said he has moved to Selangor, the “political epicentre” of the country, from Negeri Sembilan.

Being based in Selangor puts him right in the middle of the action and he’s looking to build a new political platform in the state, New Straits Times reported.

He added that he’s still weighing his options on whether to join another political party or set up a new party.

The ‘political market’ is quite saturated now, so setting up a political party is an option, and joining an existing political party is another option. I would like to bide my time and see what makes more sense.

Former Umno Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin

While he regrets Umno’s decision to sack him, he said he isn’t planning to appeal to return to the current party during an interview with BFM.

He believes doing so would be a waste of time since those who sacked him are still there and the trajectory of the party is heading downhill.

Khairy did not rule out the possibility of returning to Umno one day but he’ll only consider coming back when it’s a “significantly different party.”

Khairy’s time as a free agent reminded a netizen about his time acting as a taxi driver in the locally made short film, Meter.

In the making of the film, he was interviewed behind the scenes where he jokingly said he has two options after a career in politics: becoming an actor or a taxi cab driver.

It looks like he’s not venturing into those options any time soon.

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