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Local Woman Racially Profiled By Tour Agent For Asking “Too Many” Questions

Local Woman Racially Profiled By Tour Agent For Asking “Too Many” Questions

The customer asked the tour agent from GMC Travel & Tours some questions to prepare for her trip but was deemed asking too many “silly” questions like his Indian customers.

Adeline Leong

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Tour agencies sometimes get a bad rep, and customers who still seek their services are truly risk-takers.

Sadly, a potential customer of a local tour agency faced racial discrimination while inquiring about a tour package.

Instagram user Jess (@jessrajan) was communicating with a tour agent from GMC Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd and asked three questions to prepare for the trip.

However, the tour agent appeared irritated because he felt Jess asked too many questions and asked what her race was.

Jess, shocked by the question, asked him what’s the relevance. To this, the tour agent said only Indian customers initially ask many “silly” questions but will not respond near the end of the conversation.

For the Chinese customers, he claimed they’d only ask one or two questions, while Malay customers will only give ‘Yes,’ ‘OK,’ and ‘thank you’ responses.

Jess, who also manages customers at work, finally asked for his supervisor’s number to complain about the poor service she received from the tour agency.

In another post, a screenshot showed the tour agent’s written apology to Jess for his poor customer service on Whatsapp. He also claimed he wasn’t a racist as he has Chinese and Indian friends.

The tour agency issued an apology

Since getting wind of the issue, GMC Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd issued a public apology on Instagram and expressed regret regarding their staff’s behaviour.

It is hurtful to see the impact of the words and action that has been done in this situation. There is no acceptable excuse for this issue and it has provided a humbling experience for our company from which we will take concrete action to prevent this unfavourable situation in the future.

GMC Travel & Tours said in a public apology statement.

GMC Travel & Tours said the matter is currently under internal review and further action would be taken accordingly.

They reiterated that their customers’ satisfaction is important to them and acknowledged that they have fallen short of this.

GMC Travel & Tours promised to do better for their customers to avoid a similar situation again.

Image: @gmctravel/IG

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