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TNB Shares Flood Safety Tips To Prevent Electrocution Risks

TNB Shares Flood Safety Tips To Prevent Electrocution Risks

Consumers are advised to contact TNB to request a temporary power cut when their premises are inundated by floodwaters to prevent electrocution.

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Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has advised the public to contact them immediately if their housing area is hit by floods so that TNB can temporarily halt the power supply for safety reasons.

In a statement, TNB President and Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Indera Ir. Baharin Din, said the power cut is a temporary measure and the power supply will be restored once the water level recedes.

Meanwhile, TNB is also upgrading the affected substations and other assets including tests to ensure the power supply can be safely provided to the people.

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Here are some safety precautions to take note of during and after the flood, according to TNB:

During a flood

  • Stop using any electrical appliances and place them in higher areas. Make sure the main switch is turned off to prevent electrocution.
  • Call TNB Careline at 15454 or contact TNB Careline on Facebook to cut the power supply if the water level in your premises is rising.
  • Avoid getting near electrical appliances or cables that are submerged in the water even if it’s insulated.
  • Avoid getting near or touching metal poles or any TNB installations that are submerged in the water to avoid the risk of being electrocuted.
  • Ensure all switch sockets are covered and remove all power plugs.
  • Make sure your power banks are fully charged earlier so that they could be used to charge your smartphones in case you need to make emergency calls.
  • If your premises is outfitted with PV (photo-voltaic) solar panels, remember to switch it off before exiting your home to prevent the power from being absorbed back into the home wiring system.

After the flood

  • Turn off the main switch before cleaning electrical appliances or wiring.
  • The switches and electrical appliances that were submerged in the water should be inspected by an electric contractor registered with the Energy Commission before they’re fit for use.
  • Stay away from tree branches that are caught in electrical wires because the electrical current might still be flowing through. Call TNB immediately for immediate action.
  • Do not use a long pole or a ladder made out of metal, aluminium, bamboo, or wood near power lines.
  • Parents should monitor their children to make sure they are not near any spoiled or exposed electrical poles or cables.

Members of the public are also advised to contact TNB if they come across any issues related to the power supply caused by floods.

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