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Avoid Outdoor And Water Activities This Monsoon Season

Avoid Outdoor And Water Activities This Monsoon Season

It’s safer to avoid high-risk areas such as sloping hillsides and coastal areas during the rainy season.

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In light of the incidents due to inclement weather, the authorities are reminding people not to do any outdoor activities such as camping or water activities during the monsoon season.

On 16 October 2022, more than 40 hikers were trapped at the Telaga Tujuh Waterfall in Langkawi due to a water surge phenomenon.

More recently, a landslide at a campsite in Batang Kali claimed 25 lives, including children. 8 individuals are still missing.

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The authorities issued the reminder again because there are still people who are entering permanent forest reserves despite these areas being closed off throughout the monsoon period.

According to The Star, legal action will be taken against people who have entered the permanent forest reserves to camp or hike to prevent unwanted incidents involving public safety during the ongoing monsoon season.

This is a reminder as there are still some stubborn individuals who do not follow the rules. There are still some camping and hiking trips being carried out on the hillside despite the authorities having banned recreational activities in forest reserves throughout the state.

Johor police chief Datuk Kamarul Zaman Mamat

Johor police had to rescue a 57-year-old man named Lee Chin Chai around 1 am yesterday (20 December) after he was reported missing while hiking in Gunung Pulai, which is now closed to the public, The Malay Mail reported.

The man was found exhausted by search-and-rescue teams and had been sent to the hospital for treatment.

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Search for the missing bodies is still ongoing at the Batang Kali landslide site. Image: TRP File.

No water activities as well

Meanwhile, the Civil Defence Force (APM) is also warning the public to avoid coastal areas and water activities until the monsoon season ends.

Kedah APM deputy chief Major Mohd Muaz Mohd Yusoff said the high-tide phenomenon is expected to hit Kedah and other parts of the country.

The high tide is expected to happen from today until 28 December with the peak occurring between 24 and 25 December.

Mohd Muaz added that the high-tide phenomenon could cause waves as high as 3.3m and pose a danger to swimmers and small fishing boats.

The high tide and heavy rain could cause low-lying areas to flood too.

High-risk areas include beaches such as Pantai Cenang in Langkawi, Pantai Merdeka in Kuala Muda, and Kuala Kedah.

Avoid electrical hazards

In addition, the public is advised to be mindful while using electrical appliances during floods to avoid getting electrocuted.

People should also be on the lookout for fallen or exposed electrical cables or poles in flooded areas and avoid touching them.

Never use them as a clothes hanger.

Kedah APM deputy chief Major Mohd Muaz Mohd Yusoff

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Those living in flood-prone areas are also advised to be alert about rising water levels, turn off the main electrical distribution board and disconnect all electrical appliances from power sockets before the flood hits.

The electrical appliances at home should also be thoroughly checked to avoid electrical hazards.

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