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GE15: The Recommended Voting Time Is Just A Suggestion

GE15: The Recommended Voting Time Is Just A Suggestion

Many have been confused about the ‘Masa Keluar Mengundi Yang Digalakkan’ after checking their voting details on MySPR Semak.

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There has been some confusion regarding the recommended voting time (Masa Keluar Mengundi Yang Digalakkan) listed together with the voting details on the MySPR Semak website.

The suggested time slot was introduced in the previous elections in a bid to streamline the voting crowd on polling day.

Many voters are worried that they are bound by the time frame and it’ll prove to be an inconvenience for some if it’s true.

The matter had also prompted Sibu and Lanang incumbents Oscar Ling and Alice Lau to ask the Election Commission (EC) to remove the suggested time slots from the website to prevent confusion among voters, The Borneo Post reported.

Are we bound by the timeframe allocated?

The short answer is No because the recommended voting time is just a suggestion.

Voters can vote anytime before the polling centre closes, which is usually around 6pm.

The matter has been addressed and confirmed with an official statement from the EC on 11 March 2022.

However, past experiences have shown that it’s better to queue before 5pm because some polling centres close earlier than the stated closing time.

According to the EC, the opening hours of the polling centres are:

  • Peninsular Malaysia: 8am to 6pm
  • Sabah & Sarawak: 7.30am to 5.30pm

To check your voting details, head over to MySPR Semak.

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