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[Watch] Indonesian Couple Criticised For Celebrating Wedding With A Dance Party

[Watch] Indonesian Couple Criticised For Celebrating Wedding With A Dance Party

The Indonesian couple’s disco-like dance party during the wedding drew criticisms online from those who disagreed with the manner of celebrating.

Adeline Leong

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A wedding is a joyous celebration between the married couple and their loved ones, so it’s not surprising that people will fork out a lot of money to pull out all the stops.

To make the night memorable for everyone, the couple might even plan or organize an event, such as a dance-off, during the celebration.

However, an Indonesian couple’s wedding celebration was criticised by some netizens who didn’t agree with one of the planned entertainment events.

A video shared by the Twitter account @MalaysiaVirall showed the bride and groom dancing together with their family members and guests at the wedding hall.

A DJ was also hired to entertain the crowd with music, and the wedding hall soon turned into a ‘disco’ for everyone in attendance.

Some Malaysian netizens found the disco-like celebration unacceptable for a Muslim couple and the comments under the video were scathing.

One of them said they couldn’t understand why young people these days would celebrate in such a manner.

In contrast, other netizens told critics to mind their own business.

Nevertheless, the couple in the video definitely had tons of fun with their guests and loved ones.

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