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Vinosiny’s Family Still Hasn’t Received Answers To Her Death Five Months Later

Vinosiny’s Family Still Hasn’t Received Answers To Her Death Five Months Later

After months of waiting, the family and their lawyer are demanding an immediate inquest to prevent the same tragedy from happening to other students on campus.

Adeline Leong

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University Utara Malaysia (UUM) student S Vinosiny allegedly died from electrocution in her hostel in Sintok, Kedah, on 21 May.

However, Malaysiakini reported that almost five months had passed, but her family still had not received any definitive news about her cause of death and wasn’t informed of the progress of the investigation.

As such, Vinosiny’s family and their lawyer demanded an inquest be held immediately to prevent the same tragedy from happening again to the other students on the campus.

It has been almost five months since the passing of Vinosiny in UUM. But up to now, the inquest into the death of Vinosiny (above) has not been held. The family also has not received a timeline on when the inquest will be held.

Vinosiny’s father, R Sivakumar Rajoo

The family’s lawyer, M Manoharan, also expressed disappointment with the authorities’ alleged inaction and that the attorney-general has yet to direct for an inquest to be held.

UUM must take responsibility. How long does the family need to wait to know the truth about the death of Vinosiny? We want answers.

The family’s lawyer, M Manoharan
The family’s lawyer, M Manoharan, standing with Vinosiny’s father, R Sivakumar Rajoo. Image: TRP File

What happened before?

21-year-old accounting student Vinosiny was suspected to have suffered a fatal electric shock. The family claimed that the injuries she suffered on her body and the post-mortem findings back this allegation.

However, UUM has been accused of not being forthcoming regarding the circumstances of her death.

On 27 May, the university issued a gag order to ban students from speaking publicly or organising or attending any events about Vinosiny’s death as the investigation was ongoing.

UUM also threatened to take disciplinary actions against students who violated the ban. The move was criticised by many people and was seen as an attempt to silence students.

This prompted the university to apologise to the family on 31 May, and they promised full cooperation with the family to find out the truth.

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