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Malaysian Doctor Shares Touching Story While Being “On Call” On Flight Home From Istanbul

Malaysian Doctor Shares Touching Story While Being “On Call” On Flight Home From Istanbul

Dr Yazeed managed to help two passengers who had health difficulties on the flight before they passed away.

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Death can be a scary thing whether it happens unexpectedly or not. Doctors probably face deaths more than any other profession and sometimes, it still gets to them.

A Facebook user Yazeed Yahaya who’s also a doctor recently shared a touching experience while on a flight on Turkish Airlines TK 060.

After spending 10 days and 7 nights in Istanbul on a holiday with his family and friends, the whole group was on a flight home to Kuala Lumpur.

He was about to nod off after having the first in-flight meal when he was suddenly woken up by an air stewardess.

The air stewardess asked for his help to help another passenger named Dr Siti Hajar who was having difficulty breathing.

I’m not sure how the air stewardess knew I was a doctor. Thank you to Dr Sri Yulis (a PhD doctor), my friend who holidayed with me for informing the air stewardess.

Dr Yazeed Yahaya

Dr Yazeed tried to help the woman together with his friend Dr Shalini using the tools available on the plane.

En route to land at Karachi airport. Image: Yazeed Yahaya/ FB

Thanks to their help, Dr Siti Hajar’s condition gradually improved and the plane made an emergency stop at Karachi, Pakistan, so that she could seek further treatment.

Dr Yazeed felt touched when Dr Siti Hajar and her mother managed to thank him for his help.

Unfortunately, Dr Siti Hajar passed away in the emergency department of Karachi Hospital. Her remains arrived in Malaysia yesterday evening (21 September) for burial.

Dr Yazeed and Dr Shalini provided medical aid. Image: Yazeed Yahaya/ FB

Another patient needed help on the same flight

The plane continued its journey to Kuala Lumpur after spending two hours in the emergency lane at the airport in Karachi and Dr Yazeed tried to take a nap again.

They were flying over Thailand’s airspace when another woman, known as Puan Rosminah, fainted while waiting in line to use the lavatory.

Thankfully, she was standing beside Dr Yazeed’s seat so he managed to catch her before she fell to the ground. While holding her, he realized she was shaking all over.

Once again, Dr Yazeed and Dr Shalini worked together to provide medical aid to another flight passenger until the plane landed in KLIA.

Puan Rosminah was able to communicate earlier. Her condition suddenly worsened in a blink of an eye until her pulse couldn’t be detected. We immediately requested for CPR.

Dr Yazeed Yahaya

They used the AED defibrillator and administered atropine and adrenaline to the patient. Sadly, Puan Rosminah didn’t make it either and passed away.

Dr Yazeed said both women looked pure and holy (suci dan bersih) when he attended to them.

Despite the sad ending in both situations, Dr Yazeed reminded everyone that all of us will meet our end eventually regardless of time and place.

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