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[Watch] Malaysians Angered By Delivery Rider For Kicking Off A Porsche’s Side Mirror

[Watch] Malaysians Angered By Delivery Rider For Kicking Off A Porsche’s Side Mirror

The Porsche driver used the turn signal and patiently waited to switch lanes but was treated unkindly by an oncoming motorcyclist.

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Road bullies are nothing new on Malaysian roads but the latest incident caught on a dashcam made many people feel angry and disappointed.

The video dated 6 September 2022 allegedly showed a Shopee delivery rider kicking the side mirror of a Porsche 911 on the road near Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) in Kajang, Selangor.

Initially, the Porsche driver signalled to turn left and was slowly inching its way out to the middle lane.

Two motorcyclists managed to pass by without issues. Before the driver could do anything, a speeding motorcyclist in an orange jacket with a Shopee bag kicked the car’s side mirror.

The side mirror flew across the road towards the Toyota Estima in front of the Porsche.

Without the side mirror, it was even harder for the Porsche driver to change lanes. The driver had to take some time before he could safely switch to the middle lane.

Netizens disagreed with the motorcyclist’s aggressive behaviour and actions. Fellow motorcyclists lamented that irresponsible riders like these give other motorcyclists a bad name.

Most agree that it wasn’t the driver’s fault because he used the signal and tried to switch lanes slowly and safely.

Lane filtering/splitting or using the roads between two vehicles by motorcyclists are allowed, but it doesn’t mean motorcyclists can just speed whenever they like and block other motorists from switching lanes.

TRP’s sister site, Buzzkini, has reached out to Shopee for a statement but has not received a reply yet.

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