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“Looks Like Wild Boars Passed Through” Malaysians Stepped On Plants Just To See The Merdeka Parade

“Looks Like Wild Boars Passed Through” Malaysians Stepped On Plants Just To See The Merdeka Parade

The plants in the area were trampled on without a care by the crowd.

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The 65th National Day celebration has ended. However, the aftermath of the parade leaves a lot to be desired.

The row of plants on the road divider around Dataran Merdeka and Jalan Raja Laut were trampled on by the parade spectators.

In the pictures, the green plants had been trampled flat on the ground and people stood on the leaves without a care.

It looked like all the plants couldn’t be saved due to the extensive damage.

Another person who attended the celebrations also shared that some people plucked the beautiful flowers at the parade and destroyed the flowering plants.

Netizens were saddened to see the lack of civic consciousness and the low mentality of some people.

To illustrate how bad the damage was, some people said the plants looked like they were trampled on by wild boars in the kampung.

It was obvious that those who stepped on the plants did not find that it was the wrong thing to do.

A netizen said when she tried to advise a makcik from pushing away and stepping on the plants, the makcik said “let them plant something else next time.”

The crowd ‘fighting’ with the plants for a view of the parade. Video: @twt_Raziman/ Twitter

On the other hand, some netizens said the venue wasn’t suitable to hold a large crowd for an event like National Day.

They surmised that the lack of space forced the crowd to occupy spaces that weren’t meant to hold large crowds.

They suggested the next National Day parade be held at Presint 2 in Putrajaya because it’ll be much more spacious.

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