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Family Of 3 No Longer Lives In A Car, Malaysians Helped Them Secure A Home

Family Of 3 No Longer Lives In A Car, Malaysians Helped Them Secure A Home

Grace Edward and her family were evicted from their Puchong home after failing to meet the rent.

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37-year-old Grace Edward and her family were homeless on 29 June after they were kicked out of their rental home.

Edward and her husband, Kumar Subramaniam, could not pay the rent for their Puchong home and the family was forcibly evicted by the landlord.

Free Malaysia Today reported that Kumar was also let go from work as a mechanic because he couldn’t work long hours or do any heavy-lifting after his motorcycle accident two years ago.

Since being laid off, he worked three times a week as a freelance mechanic and only earns RM100 weekly, which has to last for seven days for food and petrol.

Edward, a housewife, also failed to secure a job and they have to look after her hospitalised 56-year-old mother too, who suffers from diabetes, kidney failure, and long-Covid symptoms.

The couple with their six-year-old son had to live in their beat-up Proton Saga Aeroback for weeks.

Her heart broke when her son had to sleep uncomfortably in the backseat of the car while being surrounded by plastic bags and boxes filled with their possessions.

My son was suffering. He couldn’t sleep, was cold, and was feeling feverish. I couldn’t do anything to help him.”

Grace Edward

Their unfortunate circumstances seemed to never cease but luckily, some Malaysians have tried to help the family in any way they could.

Thanks to monetary contributions from good samaritans, she was able to scrounge up enough funds to put down a deposit for a new rented home for her family.

According to NST, she was also able to repay her debts and purchase basic household needs.

I didn’t think I would be able to (rent) this house so soon. I am very happy and no longer have the fear of sleeping in the car. A home is important for safety, especially for my son.

Grace Edward

She added that she was overwhelmed by the support from extraordinary Malaysians and didn’t know how to respond.

Edward told Free Malaysia Today that she hopes to open a homemade nasi lemak business online as a long-term plan now that the family has secured a home.

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