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“Can We Have Her Number?”, KKM Takes Notice Of “Certified” Dentist Offering Braces For Cheap
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“Can We Have Her Number?”, KKM Takes Notice Of “Certified” Dentist Offering Braces For Cheap

A Twitter user tried to promote her friend’s ‘dental’ business that installs braces for cheap.

Adeline Leong

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Despite the dangers of seeking dental treatment from unlicensed or fake dentists, there are still people seeking out these fraud services such as illegal braces installations.

This is because getting braces in public hospitals can be a long wait or it’s expensive in private dental clinics.

Recently, a Twitter user Scha Darling got into trouble when she allegedly tried to promote her friend’s illegal dental business.

She claimed that her friend is sort of “certified” by a dentist and would install braces for only RM300. For some of us who have had braces done, this sounds fishy because getting braces can cost upwards of RM3,000.

Her friend allegedly got certified by a dentist after paying some money and attending a short course. She would also do house visits to carry out the treatment.

A lot of people have done it with her. And she’s certified (I guess). Does anyone want her number?

Twitter user

Her tweets received a backlash from netizens who said her friend is definitely not a licensed dentist nor is she certified to install braces.

They also said there’s no way her friend could carry out the whole procedure such as extracting teeth in a patient’s home without taking an x-ray.

A netizen jokingly said they wasted RM5k for their braces and could have gone to the uncertified dentist.

Another netizen tagged and jokingly told their friend that they could drop their degree and become a dentist just by taking a short course over a few months.

The Health Ministry took notice

The tweets had also caught the attention of the Health Ministry and its dentistry and medical practice department.

They asked netizens to share the number of the ’dentist.’

Due to the backlash, Scha Darling has deleted her post but fast-acting netizens managed to screenshot and save her tweets for posterity.

While it’s a dream of many to have beautiful and aligned teeth, it’s not worth the risk to seek out unlicensed and unaccredited dentists because damage to the teeth might be irreversible.

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