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Roach Rage: Crunchy Insect Found In Coffee, Zus Offers Food As Apology

Roach Rage: Crunchy Insect Found In Coffee, Zus Offers Food As Apology

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A Twitter user Nurin (@n3wryn) got a shock of her life when she chewed on a cockroach while drinking the salted caramel latte she ordered from Zus Coffee.

After complaining to Zus Coffee, she was offered complimentary free-flow food for a week as compensation. Nurin didn’t think that compensation was enough.

The company then contacted Nurin and said they would refund the cost of the drink (RM10.50) and they would cover her medical costs if she fell ill afterwards.

The company also offered her an undisclosed amount as compensation; again something that she thinks wasn’t enough to cover the trauma of chewing a cockroach.

Due to this, Zus Coffee asked her to disclose how much monetary compensation she was asking for since they want to reach a mutual agreement.

The general manager of Zus Coffee Venon Tian contacted Nurin personally and offered her free food for a month that will be personally delivered to her.

She refused to accept free flow food because she has had enough. She added that she couldn’t do anything much but lodge a report with the Health Ministry.

Nurin also advised others to be careful when they order food from other eateries too and left the posts up as a reminder for everyone.

Netizens advised her not to accept the free food

Netizens advised Nurin to contact a lawyer but she said it might make the matter complicated.

They also told her not to accept the free food in case they are more cockroaches in it.

Some netizens urged Zus Coffee to pay Nurin RM50k to cover the costs.

However, another netizen pointed out that businesses can’t simply compensate a huge amount in case irresponsible people try to take advantage of other businesses.

Another netizen questioned whether it was possible that the cockroach was from Nurin’s car and it crawled into her drink.

Nurin said it wasn’t possible because when she confronted the staff, they admitted that there were baby cockroaches in the outlet although they did monthly pest control. They were shocked that the roach went into the drink.

Was the matter settled?

In the end, Zus Coffee replied that they had reached an agreement on compensation that Nurin was comfortable with that was not disclosed.

They also assured her that they schedule pest control services at regular intervals in each outlet.

In addition, Zus Coffee carries out thorough cleaning for all equipment, food handling areas, waste management area, general waiting area, customer dining area, and bathrooms.

Outlet managers were also reminded to double down on hygiene and cleanliness.

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