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“He’s A Hero!” M’sian Boy Saves Toddler From Drowning In Hotel Pool

“He’s A Hero!” M’sian Boy Saves Toddler From Drowning In Hotel Pool

The toddler was playing with her older sisters on a floaty when she slipped off.

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Unlike in movies, drowning in real life is silent, quick and deadly. This is why parents are always reminded to keep a watch on their children whenever they’re in any body of water.

A Twitter user Dr Muiz Murad (@drmuizmurad) shared a story of how his young son’s quick action saved a drowning toddler in the hotel’s swimming pool.

Muiz explained that the toddler was playing with her big sisters on a big float.

The sisters thought their toddler sister had her float on and were unaware that she slipped off the float into the water.

By the time Muiz’s son Ali saw the whole thing, the toddler was already in the water and struggling.

Ali quickly jumped in and pulled the toddler out of the pool. The toddler was gasping for air and cried.

Muiz said if it was 10 seconds more, things would have ended worse. He added that the near-drowning incident happened because the mother was busy on her phone.

He reminded parents to supervise and monitor their children in the hotel pool because most of the time there aren’t lifeguards on duty.

Praises to the young hero

Netizens praised Ali for his quick thinking and courage to jump into the water and save the toddler right away.

The incident has also brought up conversations about careless parenting.

It seems like other netizens have also witnessed parents who left their young children on their own devices not only in swimming pools but also in other public areas.

What’s also worrying is that these parents are unfazed even after knowing their children could be in danger.

Hopefully, this near-miss incident will serve as a reminder to others to supervise young children closely.

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