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[Watch] Catcalled, Hit And Bitten Near Publika, Woman Was Assaulted By Two Men On A Motorcycle

[Watch] Catcalled, Hit And Bitten Near Publika, Woman Was Assaulted By Two Men On A Motorcycle

She was walking with her friend when they got catcalled by the men who kept following them.

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A graphic designer known as Lucid Soda recently got assaulted by two men on a motorcycle last night around 9pm.

She shared her terrifying ordeal on her Instagram to alert others about the incident around the Publika area.

She was walking to Publika with her friend when they got catcalled by two men on a motorcycle.

They tried to ignore the men but the men rode against the traffic towards them from the back once more.

Lucid and her friend were on the walkway in front of a condominium with a rail separating them from the road so they thought they would be relatively safe.

However, the men turned up on the walkway and walked toward them. Lucid and her friend started screaming to draw attention and yelled at the men to leave them alone.

Lucid started recording when they walked past a school but the men kept following them on the motorcycle.

When the men rode up ahead, Lucid’s friend realised the men picked up something from the road and turned back towards them.

Lucid and her friend decided to move up to the main road but realised they would be open to attacks there.

When they went back to the school, the man in the white shirt jumped off the bike and started attacking them.

Lucid said the man slipped and fell when he tried to take a swing at them with a large stick. She took the opportunity to beat him up but he bit her arm in the process.

Image: @lucidsoda/ IG

Seeing that his friend was attacked, the other man on the bike tried to attack her and managed to hit her with the stick as she tried to run away.

Fortunately, the security guard at the school opened the gate for Lucid and her friend while the men escaped.

Lucid immediately lodged a police report at Jinjang police station and went for a medical checkup at the hospital.

Lucid shared pictures of the wound on her back and the bite marks she got. She suffered a minor muscle tear and soft tissue injury.

According to her police report, the men tried to snatch her phone too. Luckily, Lucid and her friend did not lose any of their belongings and valuables.

Image: @lucidsoda/ IG

Netizens voiced their support

Netizens said they were sorry that such a horrible thing happened to her and hoped that she was doing ok.

They also hoped that the authorities would take serious action against the men.

Image: @lucidsoda/ IG

Aside from the supportive messages, Lucid shared on her Instagram Story that she has received inappropriate messages from netizens regarding the incident.

One of them laughed and said the bite marks were just the man practising BDSM on her.

Another person didn’t believe Lucid’s story and claimed that it happened because she angered one of her clients and they hired men to assault her. The message was also laden with racism against Russian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese women.

Lucid said the assumptions made were horrible but she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation about her life because she keeps her private life private.

Hopefully, the men will be apprehended soon.

Image: @lucidsoda/ IG
Image: @lucidsoda/ IG

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