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YM Che Puan Khaleeda Promises To Get Justice For Bella In Rumah Bonda Trial

YM Che Puan Khaleeda Promises To Get Justice For Bella In Rumah Bonda Trial

Her Highness said she’s tired of cowards hurting helpless children and getting away with it.

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The trial between Rumah Bonda founder Siti Bainun Ahmad Razali and 13-year-old Bella with Down Syndrome over the past few days has caught the attention of many nationwide.

Signs of trouble first started when two lawyers from Siti Bainun’s team of 10 lawyers made peace and mini love signs in a group photo.

The case gained notoriety when one of the lawyers, Hafidzah Hassan, shared cross-examination details on her Twitter account.

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This irked many netizens who found the conduct of the lawyers appalling and tone-deaf.

Even Her Highness Che’ Puan Besar Khaleeda Bustamam (TMJ’s wife) found the whole turn of events unacceptable.

She announced on her Instagram Story that she would do everything with the power she has to get justice for Bella.

I’m sick and tired of the cowards who think they can do whatever they want to these helpless children and get away with it. You can hide behind your army of lawyers, but karma will eventually hit you so hard in this dunya and the hereafter.

Her Highness Che’ Puan Besar Khaleeda Binti Bustamam on Instagram Story.

Netizens thanked her for stepping in to help Bella and hoped that the accused abuser would meet proper justice with her influence.

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