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[Watch] Pelawan Assemblyman Gets Into Heated Argument With Teacher Regarding School Drop Offs

[Watch] Pelawan Assemblyman Gets Into Heated Argument With Teacher Regarding School Drop Offs

Pelawan assemblyman Michael Tiang says allowing parents to drop kids off inside the school compound will relieve the traffic outside.

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A video recently went viral when Pelawan assemblyman Michael Tiang allegedly got into a heated argument with teachers at a school.

Tiang argued that parents should be allowed to drive into the school compound to drop off students. He believes that doing so will relieve the traffic jam in the morning too.

However, the teacher said parents aren’t allowed to drive into the school in order to protect the safety of students.

In response, Tiang was adamant that he could ensure all of the school children’s safety. As he raised his voice, the teachers told him to calm down before they’ll resume the conversation.

Netizens have their say

The dilemma has drawn netizens to give their two cents on the matter too. While some netizens agree with Tiang, other netizens, including teachers, gave some examples showing why opening the school gates would not solve the traffic problem either.

Some netizens said allowing parents to drop off children would still cause a traffic jam but this time, it’ll be in the school compound itself.

Although a rule can be enforced that parents could only drop off children, the reality is most parents wouldn’t listen and would do as they please.

They could stop inside the school for a long time, oblivious to the other parents who are sending their children to school.

Not only that, letting parents drive into the school will increase the likelihood of students getting run down by cars. When that happens, whose fault will it be?

Some suggested that the school install a boom gate and supply parents with access cards to enter the compound.

However, netizens said Tiang must be prepared to give the budget for extra spending and a maintenance budget to repair the wear and tear of the school compound due to high traffic.

The drop off solution might work well if the school has other exits to allow traffic to flow smoothly. With only one exit, the parents would only find themselves in a smaller gridlock within the school compound.

While netizens could debate all they want online, the matter is still best resolved with Tiang discussing the issue with the Parent-Teacher Association (PIBG) and the school.

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