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[Watch] Man Lying On The Road Thought To Be High On Glue, Turned Out It Was Seizures

[Watch] Man Lying On The Road Thought To Be High On Glue, Turned Out It Was Seizures

Fortunately, a netizen approached the man to make sure and managed to help him get home.

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A TikTok user @angahelycha recently shared a video of an encounter that would remind others to give a benefit of the doubt.

He came across a man lying on the pavement at the side of the road and thought that the man was high on glue or was beaten up by strangers.

When he couldn’t get a clear answer from the man, he gathered his courage and approached the man to see if he needed help.


Sorry tak dengar lu ckap apa.

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It turned out that the man fell while experiencing seizures. That was why his speech was unclear, and his movements were limited.

The man said that he lay on the road for a long time because nobody stopped to help him.

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Fortunately, @angahelycha dared to approach him and helped him up. He even gave the man some water to drink and checked to see if the man’s tongue was intact.

Some people who experience seizures can accidentally bite off their tongues.

The man thanked @angahelycha for helping him and sending him home safely.

@angahelycha Reply to @waklahdoh ♬ suara asli – FHM14

Netizens felt sad to see the man shivering, and he probably felt scared when no one tried to help him.

They thanked @angahelycha for doing what he could to help the poor man and wished him all the best in life.

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