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Molester Spotted Sexually Harassing Multiple Women In Tamarind Square, Police Are On The Hunt

Molester Spotted Sexually Harassing Multiple Women In Tamarind Square, Police Are On The Hunt

Netizens alleged that the suspect is cross-eyed and wears an all-black Adidas ensemble from head to toe.

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There have been several reports of the same man groping women at Tamarind Square in Cyberjaya. Unfortunately, nothing much has been done to apprehend the suspect.

Free Malaysia Today reported that a 27-year-old woman, who was walking to her car with a trolley of items, was approached by a man offering to help her.

He wanted to help her put the items in the car because he wanted to use the trolley. She refused his help and continued putting the items into the vehicle on her own.

Suddenly, the man touched and squeezed her bottom and ran away.

The suspect is said to be a local, dressed in black, had a black sling bag and was cross-eyed.

The police are on the hunt for the suspect now.

Another case in Tamarind Square

A Twitter user @nrsyfreyna shared that her friend got groped in Tamarind Square public car park but didn’t fight back because a pregnant friend was with her.

Her friend was worried that the man might harm her pregnant friend if she fought back.

@nrsyfreyna said the suspect has curly hair and wears Adidas from head to toe.  She also alleged that the man stuck his finger up the private part.

The incident was said to have happened at the basement parking near the entrance of Emart.

Sadly, the police urged her friend to retract her report due to a lack of evidence. There were no CCTVs at the public car park apparently.

Her friend insisted to keep the report and would take action against the management of Tamarind Square.

@nrsyfreyna advised the public to be wary because the suspect was familiar with Tamarind Square and knew where to hide.

The third case in Tamarind Square

In another case, a netizen MQ (@asymqw__) heard a woman scream loudly when she just parked her car in the basement parking of Tamarind Square.

Feeling alarmed, she pressed the horn for a long time because she couldn’t see where the woman was.

When she got out of her car, she saw the woman crying and shaking near the lift area in Block A near Kaysha Dine and After Seven Lounge.

She asked MQ if she saw the man who groped her but she didn’t. More people came over to comfort and calm the woman.

MQ said the man left behind an Adidas slipper when he ran away. MQ hopes that the police will apprehend the man. Just like the other victims, MQ said the man was dressed in all black.

Another netizen Elynad (@elynadd) said she heard the screams too.

MQ advised everyone to park near Level 1 in front of the row of shops facing the road and use the escalator.

Netizens say they feel unsafe there

Netizens who have been to Tamarind Square attest that the basement parking looks creepy due to the lack of lighting, signage and a map of the floor.

Another netizen Linda (@Linda_MY) alleged that the management of Tamarind Square knew about the repeat offences but did nothing to help prevent more from happening. There are still no CCTVs installed to keep the public safe.

Some netizens have already voiced their worries about visiting Tamarind Square and said they would not go there until the matter has been resolved.

Netizens advised people to stop going there until the man is arrested for everyone’s safety.

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