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[Watch] Public Hospital Patient Watched In Disgust After Seeing A Rat Rummaging Around The Ward

[Watch] Public Hospital Patient Watched In Disgust After Seeing A Rat Rummaging Around The Ward

A place to treat diseases ironically has trouble controlling diseased pests over there.

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What seemed to be a place for Covid-19 patients to recuperate turned into a queasy nightmare for one patient.

Recently, a TikTok user, @dayanaradzuan shared her sister’s unexpected experience in a government hospital.

Being positive with Covid-19, her sister’s child was admitted to a local government hospital.

While accompanying her child there, she noticed a rodent was scavenging around under the hospital bed in their room.


Dah complain dekat nurse pun tak layan ya kah kah

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As if the rat sighting alone wasn’t enough problem, the creator claimed that her sister was ignored after reporting the incident to the nurses.

She then decided to post a video of the pesky rodent on TikTok and her video unexpectedly went viral with around 438k views and 23k likes.

Netizens had a lot to say about the video. Some were joking about the rat and there were others who were bashing her for expecting the nurse to do something about it.

A user commented that the rat looked like it was comfortable being there and have grown accustomed to the presence of humans. Way to treat your house guests.

A few also joked how the hospital is like a two in one place to treat both humans and rats. The rat in the video looked so healthy because it was getting good treatment over there.

One commenter, a nurse, advised that any complaints should be made directly to the management, and not to the nurses. This is because they cannot do anything about the issue as their own reports are often also ignored by higher-ups.

The creator acknowledged the comment and replied that a complaint has been lodged and the purpose of posting this video is to get their attention and quicken the process of pest control by the management.

It’s Not The Nurses’ Fault

On the other hand, a few people disagreed with how the creator seemingly painted the blame on the nurses.

One user replied that the nurses there studied so hard to treat patients, not entertain their demands by catching rats. Nowadays, with cases spiking up, all government or non-government hospitals are having a hard time handling the cases. The least we can do is to be understanding.

Whether it’s private or government hospitals, none of them should ever have rats wandering around under their hospital’s beds or scavenging the food cupboard for scraps.

In a place used to treat diseases and illnesses, you wouldn’t want to have pests running around carrying other contagions that might put you at risk.

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