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Watsons Warned Customers About False Product Advertising By Irresponsible TikTok Users

Watsons Warned Customers About False Product Advertising By Irresponsible TikTok Users

The TikTok users claimed the body and skincare products they used are sold in Watsons which confused some customers.

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A strange scam that has been making its rounds in TikTok has prompted Watsons Malaysia to put out a statement to warn its customers.

Some irresponsible TikTok users have claimed that their products were sold in Watsons which confused some customers.

Watsons released an official statement on its Facebook page and clarified that the company has no connection with the said products in TikTok or any of its promotion activities.

Watsons added that customers who want reassurance about their product can check on the Watsons website or in nearby Watsons stores.

What were the alleged products?

For those who were unaware of the scams, some netizens shared the two TikTok videos purportedly claiming their products are sold in Watsons.

The first video showed a purple bottle whitening foam supposedly sold in Watsons for those who want to whiten their skin tone.

@awiessmie Kita engat semua barang selamat tapi rupanya hbis kulit aku #tenangaja #janganfyp #watson #kecam ♬ Say it Right – 👛

The second video showed another TikTok user buying a tub of cream from Watsons and then mixing it with another whitening body lotion.

After applying the mixture on their leg, they washed the white layer away to reveal a super pale skin tone.

@dindafarishy Reply to @mamiey70 the best ever lotion yg i pernah pakai yg betul2 menjadi 🥺 #bcwlotion #putihgebu #beautyskin ♬ DJ Maafkan Soibah Ku X Akon Right Now Menimisu Mas – Ucil Fvnky

When the second TikTok user was called out for false advertising, she retorted that she didn’t explicitly say that the product was sold in Watsons.

She claimed she just went to Watsons to buy the tub of cream and not the whitening lotion. Sneaky.

Netizens were glad that Watsons clarified the issue but a few of them asked the company to file legal action towards the guilty parties in order to put a stop to false marketing.

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